The important question is now: what Legends are left to murk the youngsters during next year’s Wrestlemania season?

Goldberg and Taker are done, Rock’s not doing another real match, they blew the Batista comeback and let him go just as he was in gear again, RVD and Rey Mysterio are worn down to nothing, and maybe they’ll let Kurt Angle plow the roster on the way to a Brock showdown, but that doesn’t seem necessary. HHH has spent most recent Manias laying down for guys; although I wouldn’t go so far as to say he put over Reigns or Rollins; just ate pins after boring the audience into non-comprehension.

Anyone who could hit that sweet spot of being away long enough for nostalgia to take hold, and believably "Legendary" enough to hijack a main event while still having anything in the tank, is now in that window of the early years of "Cena Wins, LOL", when they just stopped building Legends. If Edge still had a human neck he’d be one of the only viable candidates left. Or they could always suit JBL up for a final run culminating in a "Bully Leaves Town" match.

Since "Let the Old Guys Geek Out Our Roster" has been Booking Rule 1 since about three years after the Attitude Era, what are we facing when they run out of Legends who can actually lace up? If Big Show had been smart, he would have just "retired" for three years. Then he could have come back and squashed Braun Strowman for the Universal title at next year’s Rumble.

​You could always go with CM Punk in the ultimate irony. ​