Juice Mahal

Do you think WWE is missing a potential opportunity by not making Jinder’s new jacked physique more of a focus of his character? Its the obvious elephant in the room, and I was thinking if he went down more of a "Big Poppa Pump meets Chris Masters" route where he says what a genetic specimen he is (and does more obnoxious flex poses), it’s at least fresher than what they’re going with now.

Reports say how this push is to try to connect to the Indian and foreign markets. If that’s the case, doesn’t it work in that he wouldn’t just be "evil foreigner" representing his culture, but something more as a character as well as showing other ethnicities than white guys can play these types of characters? Could even meet in the middle, and take it more into "I have this much better of a body BECAUSE I’m Indian".

They already had a few weeks where he was "Hardbody Mahal" when he was with Rusev, so it wouldn’t be a drastic out of nowhere change for the fans…

​Wait, I’ve got it! Someone backstage can comment on a bad match and be like "Man, the main event tonight can’t possibly be worse" and Jinder will walk by and go "MAHAL-d my beer!"​ He can put it t-shirts.

They’ll make MILLIONS!*

*(of rupees, based on current conversion rates where 1 rupee is equal to 1 US cent.)