JBL vs Byron Saxton

HI Scott,
So apparently JBL’s reasoning/excuse for his on air bullying of Byron Saxton is he is playing a character. So if he is playing a character, according to wrestling logic isn’t Byron Saxton meant to eventually get his comeuppance on the evil bully? Well no, I don’t remember Byron ever defending himself. So the message the company that is behind ‘Be A Star’ is teaching, is if you are bullied, just take it, you will never win.

Now if they were being logical, and JBL was just playing his role, what they should actually do, is have a storyline where Byron stands up to JBL and finally conquers the bully. If this actually happened, with the timing of Justin Robert’s book release, and Mauro Ranallo leaving, imagine the pop it would get. On top of this, since JBL and Byron are both wrestlers you might even be able to get a match out of it. No, don’t panic, not a 60 minute iron man match, a 5 minute match with run ins, and over booking to cover their lack of ability to wrestle a decent match.

Byron could finally stand up to JBL on the mic of signs over a few weeks that Byron has had enough. Let him cut an aggressive promo on the live mic, I’m sure it would get a big pop. JBL could slap him in the face and put him back in his place. Byron can cut a promo the following week, challenge him to a match, whilst JBL grins and brags about how much fun it is going to be beating up Byron.

Have a match at a PPV, JBL can dominate him for a few minutes before finally Byron gets some shots in, before JBL gets back on top, in a dream world (well lets face it this match isn’t going to happen) Hardcore Holly makes a run and joins in on the action. Then when it is looking hopeless from the crowd, it’s Justin Roberts, running in with a chair beating the crap out of JBL and Hardcore Holly. Hell even better, he can use a neck tie to choke both out?

If were really pushing the reality of this happening, take it another step further and have Joey Styles make a run in to join in the fun as we see JBL cowering and running away scared that this middle aged under 6 foot tall announcer is going to punch him out….again.

I know this is extremely unlikely, but in my mind this would be very entertaining….What say you and your audience?

​Justin Roberts doing a run-in? This is why we can’t have nice things.

Also, Be A Star was recently outed as being a WWE subsidiary, so don’t look for much opposition from them on this stuff. ​