Fake Diesel And Fake Razor Ramon In 1996

When the WWF/E brought in Glenn Jacobs and Rick Bogner to play "Diesel" and "Razor Ramon" in 1996 did Vince really think it would get over, or was it just a big "Fuck You" to WCW and Hall and Nash?

‚ÄčNeither, really. It was more of a legal positioning move, because they were in the process of suing WCW over violation of the Diesel and Razor trademarks and in order to prove damages you have to be actively profiting from those characters at the time you’re suing. I’m not the legal talking guy around these parts, but that’s the very simple version as I understand it. And indeed WCW lost that case and one of the terms of their settlement was that Vince McMahon had the right to purchase WCW first if Turner ever sold it. So there ya go.‚Äč