Game Change Game

Hi Scott,

Just wondering: If all you need to keep your gimmick is to change your name, why doesn’t every wrestler just change his name? I mean, if I’m Peter Gruner and I REALLY want to keep Billy Kidman, why don’t I just change my name. I mean, I can still GO by Peter (It’s not like police are gonna pick me up for answering to Peter or something) it’s just that officially I’m Billy Kidman.

Am I missing something?


​The impression I’ve been given is that it’s expensive to do, and a lot of times you need to find the right judge in order to get it approved. It’s not just a matter of paying $10 and suddenly you’re Billy Kidman, you have to show sufficient cause as to why your name needs to change. It was apparently very surprising that Warrior, for example, was able to find someone sympathetic enough to his plight to allow it.​