Jinder Mahal Hate

Everyone is so upset over Jinder being named the number one contender. It’s April, who cares? WWE has to have an event every 14 days and somebody has to fight for the strap. Why not let be Jinder right now and save the people you actually want to see for later?

​I mean, I don’t personally hate Jinder, but it sends the message to all the other guys that if you look like the lovechild of 1988 Hercules Hernandez and Tiger Jeet Singh, then you’ll get a push regardless of your other talents. Like, as one example, they JUST sent Miz to RAW to continue his feud with Dean Ambrose that we’ve already seen played out over and over. Miz would be just as good a guy in that role and can eat an RKO just as well as Jinder. Or there’s Sami Zayn. Or Luke Harper. Or any of the other guys they sent over.​