PTBN’s In Search of Five-Star Matches: Part Four

I (Dave Musgrave) return with my review of matches rated five stars by Dave Meltzer, a man whom I hold in high regard. The tale of this batch of ten matches is the rise of Manami Toyota and Kenta Kobashi. Both are starting to emerge asarguably two of the best of their generation in this era and both incidentally make great use of rolling cradles. There is more diversion in the wrestling community about Toyota’s abilities with some thinking her matches aren’t great and some thinking she is the best wrestler of all time. There is debate on whether Kobashi is the greatest of all time but most at least think he is quite good. The rest of the list is made of up variety with a couple of pre-ECW hardcore matches for which it’s not clear if Dave rated them five stars or if it was just someone who wrote in, but they both make appearances on these lists and warrant reviewing. Other highlights include familiar but amazing content from Jushin Liger, Misawa and Company vs Tsuruta and Company and good ol’ War Games. And Tsuyoshi Kikuchi creeps his way in with some awesomeness.