Reigns = HHH v2?

Maybe Reigns isn’t the next Cena but he sure appears to be the next HHH in terms of the WWE continuing to push and push until he gets over to their liking. Multiple nicknames, having Legends (including HHH himself) try to put him over, etc. Its all right out of the HHH 1999 playbook. He just needs a McMahon to marry and for Cena and Brock to disappear for long stretches to be considered the defacto top guy. Oh yeah, that’s happening too.

Even with HHH getting every possible break he still didn’t reach Austin/Rock levels. What makes them think Reigns can reach HHH’s level, much less Cena’s?

​Meaty thighs, pal! Plus, as you noted, they’ve literally gotten rid of every other viable contender to his throne.