Ring of Honor – March 15th, 22nd, & 29th, plus a Supercard of Honor XI preview!


Alright, let’s face it: I’m way, way behind here. Time to get caught up.

This one is long, yo.

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

Brief personal life interlude: In my real life, away from the Blog of Doom, I manage a comic book store and have for the last 10 years. I’ve been working for the last few months on buying a portion of the store from the owner to start living life not being a wage monkey, and over the last few weeks, talks have accelerated and taken up most of my time that isn’t dedicated to my wife and daughter, and I expect to close that sometime next week. So with ‘Mania coming up, I spent a bunch of my recapping time keeping up with 205 Live and putting ROH on the backburner for a few weeks.

I planned to catch up last week, but I ended up finishing the article that I had started about the state of ROH after the news about the potential sale to WWE broke. And so, here we are, 3 weeks needing to be recapped.

So, to avoid this thing ending up on par with War and Peace for word count, we’re going to do 3 episodes quick and dirty and then a brief preview of Supercard of Honor, which I wasn’t going to do a full PPV preview for because it wasn’t a PPV, then ROH changed their mind and said ‘guess what, it IS a PPV after all!’, so we’re gonna cram that in, too.

Time to see if that English degree was worth much. Let’s do this.

ROH TV – 3/15/17

We are TAPED from Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni and Alex Shelley.

We’re starting with a tag match, as Coast to Coast, Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali make their way to the ring! And they’re followed by the ROH World tag team champions (oh wait, pre-tape. Righty-o.), the Young Bucks! Matt and Nick are down, still with their belts for now.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs Coast to Coast (Leon St. Giovanni & Shaheem Ali)

No Code of Honor. Pretty much a paint by the numbers Bucks match here, with all of their usual bullshit showboating and doubleteams. St. Giovanni gets a nice tumbleweed onto everyone on the floor and Coast to Coast got some nice stuff with a decent near-fall, but the match was pretty anti-climactic, as the Bucks were never in real danger and pick up the win with a 450. (The Young Bucks over Coast to Coast, pinfall, 6:58)

WORTH WATCHING? – If you like the Bucks and their thing, sure. As for me, no drama + Young Bucks at max-douche level = NO, no reason to check it out.

Post-match, the Bucks hit a Twist of Fate and Swanton on Ali to call out the Hardys.

Video package on Lio Rush and the Rebellion airs next. Lio gives an interview and he’s had enough of the Rebellion, so Kenny King comes out to retort. He calls Rush an ungrateful piece of garbage and the gist of it all is that the two of them are going to have a match next week to settle things. Good, I get at least one more Lio Rush match to watch in ROH. I’m gonna miss him.

Brutal Bob Evans has joined commentary for our next match, another 1st rounder in the Top Prospect tournament. Evans is really good on commentary, by the way. He and Shelley both; they put over the wrestlers and the angles and the history really well.

Up first this time out, Curt Stallion. Good name. Curt says you are looking at the 2017 Top Prospect winner! Ian tells us that Curt was trained by Michael Elgin, which is a good sign. Up next, we’ve got Preston Quinn, who is a 23-year (!) vet getting his chance at the big time. Damn, 23 years in the business might be a bit much to be in a Top Prospect tournament, but okay. He’s accompanied by Andy Vineberg, who looks like the illegitimate son of Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette. They’re excited and a locomotive is coming down the track in the rest of this tournament!

Curt Stallion vs Preston Quinn (w/ Andy Vineberg) – 2017 Top Prospect Tournament, 1st Round

Code of Honor is followed. Andy offers the Code too, and Curt goes for it, allowing Preston to attack. Man, Curt has a great name, but he’s a moron. Stallion controls for a few minutes, Vineberg interferes to turn the tide and Preston hits a brainbuster. Nice Torture Rack backbreaker by Quinn right after. Curt makes the babyface comeback and hits a neckbreaker, but Preston catches him and hits a jumping piledriver (Stallion BOUNCED in the air on it) and goes up. He tries for a big flying elbow, but Stallion moves and hits a diving headbutt out of the corner for the pin. (Curt Stallion over Preston Quinn, pinfall, 7:11)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was fine, especially for a first-rounder. Not much beyond the basic stuff, but Stallion sold well and looks like he might have some potential. YES, if you’re interested in the tournament, this was the best of the first round so far. I want to see more of Stallion, and that’s what this should have done. Not a great match by any stretch, but enough to make it work.

“Wrestling has more than one Royal Family.” Cody Rhodes is out to join us, and he cuts a promo on Jay Lethal to build up their match at Supercard of Honor. He switches to putting over Adam Page, the youngest member of the Bullet Club, who joins us in the ring. Cody takes the noose and tells us that he’s going to attach a cowbell, the same one that’s been part of the Rhodes family for more than 4 decades, and that will make this rope a Texas bullrope, and that’s the type of match that Cody challenges Lethal to at Supercard of Honor.

In the back with Jay Briscoe, who tells us that he doesn’t understand the hype around his rematch with Jay White next week. When he was undefeated for damn near 3 years, he was in title matches – who has Jay White even beat? Regardless, next week, he’s gonna make quick work of Mr. White.

We’re back to the ring now with the music of Jonathan Gresham! Yeah! That makes me super-happy, ’cause I dig me some Gresham. And there’s the music of his opponent, Dalton Castle! He’s out to his usual crazy pop from the crowd along with the Boys. This should be pretty good.

Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) vs Jonathan Gresham

They do some nice chain wrestling and reversals to start. Man, Gresham is really, really good. He’s just unbelievably smooth in the ring in every aspect. He frustrates Castle early until Dalton gets a few throws to take control. Gresham strikes back with a ‘rana and a flying knee off the apron to Dalton on the outside. He goes up, but gets caught coming off and Dalton hits the Bangarang for the pin. (Dalton Castle over Jonathan Gresham, pinfall, 4:48)

WORTH WATCHING? – If you’ve got 5 minutes to spare and you want to know why I like Gresham so much, YES, check this one out. I wish it had been longer, but watch how smooth Gresham is with his chain wrestling and counters, along with his facial expressions in playing along with Castle. ROH needs to sign this guy RIGHT NOW and do something with him, because he comes in and nails every match they ask him to. Obviously, he’s not going over Dalton when Castle has a world title shot coming up, but Castle gave him a lot here and let Gresham get in a bunch of moves before finishing with the Bangarang. I dug this.

Let’s go back to Marty Scurll! Speaking of guys I dig, the World TV champ, nay, the Greatest Ever ROH World TV Champion, tells us that we should check out Supercard of Honor and stuff.

Back to the ring now, as BJ Whitmer and Punishment Martinez make their way out for the main event, but they’re attacked from behind by War Machine. Good choice, War Machine! We’re joined by Mark Briscoe for this match, and that makes me happy, ’cause I love me some Mark Briscoe commentary.

War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs BJ Whitmer and Punishment Martinez – No DQ, No Countout

Hanson cannonballs off the stage onto Martinez and Whitmer and War Machine preps the ringside table. I like War Machine, Martinez is growing on me a bit, and I hate Whitmer. They fight on the floor for like a year, which is fine because it fits the storyline, AKA they all hate each other and can’t control themselves. Back in the ring, Whitmer throws a chair at Hanson’s head to regain control. Back from the break and Hanson is hitting Forever clotheslines on both Whitmer and Martinez. German suplex from Whitmer drops Rowe on his damn HEAD. This has been stiff and glorious to watch. I mean, they’re just clobbering each other out there. Pop-up powerslam by War Machine on Martinez, which is just crazy. Table comes in now and everyone but Punishment ends up on the outside, allowing Martinez to take everyone out with a tope con hilo over the buckles. Hanson and Martinez back in and they end up on the top rope, where Punishment gets a top rope chokeslam though the table on Hanson to get the duke. (Punishment Martinez & BJ Whitmer over War Machine, pinfall, 10:12)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was about 19 kinds of awesome, as they brawled all over the place and just laid into each other, which somehow made the match work. YES, this one was worth seeking out. They spaced out the brawling with the big spots like the Martinez tope, and the shots were really stiff and felt completely authentic. Putting Martinez over feels like the right call, as War Machine’s status in the company remains in doubt for the time being, while Martinez looks like he might end up being a star in the future. He’s big and agile, two traits that aren’t as easy as one might think to put together as a wrestler. He’s still green as grass, but everyone has to start somewhere. This was fun.

Post-match, Punishment lays out Whitmer with a chokeslam…..because they won, I guess? Even the announcers are confused by that one. And we won’t find out more because we’re out of time.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THIS WEEK: This was a decent enough show, albeit one without a complete blowaway match besides possibly the main event. Overall, I was pleased with this episode, as it was a decent hour of wrestling with 4 matches that felt completely different in many ways. Main event is worth seeking out, but I freely admit that I liked Castle/Gresham a bunch, even for a sub-5 minute match.


Up next…..

ROH TV – 3/22/17

We are TAPED from Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & Ian Riccaboni, as Ian is flying solo to start the show.

Speaking of starting the show, let’s do that with the music of Silas Young! The Last Real Man and the Beer City Bruiser are out to the ring now, with Silas making sure to jaw at some ringside fans. Video from them indicate that they want the ROH 6-Man tag titles at Supercard of Honor. And there’s the music of Cheeseburger. Joy. He and Will Ferrara are out for this tag team affair. Please get Will away from the dead weight that is Cheeseburger, ROH. Please.

Silas Young & The Beer City Bruiser vs Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

Code of Honor is followed! In a Silas Young match. Shocking. They attack Burger and Will from behind anyway, and the Bruiser hits Cheeseburger with a huge powerbomb before they double team Will. ‘Burger back in and he & Ferrara make a comeback, but ‘Burger gets caught and destroyed in the heel corner. Good. ‘Burger fights out and it’s hot tag Will, who gets a 2-count on Silas. Will gets sent to the floor and the Bruiser lines him up for a Cannonball on the floor from the apron, but Will moves and the Bruiser hits hard. Back in and they double team Silas, but the Bruiser saves it. Cutter from Silas hits Will, and the Bruiser comes off the top with a frog splash to end it. (The Beer City Bruiser & Silas Young over Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara, pinfall, 5:46)

WORTH WATCHING? – It’s not the WORST Cheeseburger match I’ve ever seen. But that’s about it. NO, I’m firmly on the skip train for this one. Match felt flat to me, with only a single near-fall for the faces. Not interested in this one.

Time for another Top Prospect match, and we’re joined by Bob Evans and Silas Young on commentary for this one.

Up first, we’ve got Josh “The Goods” Woods! He’s the number 1 seed, apparently, and he’ll be the next Top Prospect winner! And his opponent is out now, one Chris LeRusso! He’s “The Heir Apparent” and we’ve seen him on ROH TV before, about one year ago exactly as a tryout for the House of Truth.

Chris LaRusso vs Josh Woods – 2017 Top Prospect tournament, 1st Round

Crowd chants for Chris, as he’s from Pittsburgh. Woods schools him on the mat to start until Chris hits a nice dropkick. Chris gets a neckbreaker and another dropkick. Woods is wrestling like an MMA fighter here, going for armbars and kneebars at every opportunity. LaRusso goes to a bodyscissors, then takes Woods from corner to corner. They slug it out in the middle of the ring in a spot I’m starting to kind of hate. Reserve that for 20 minutes into an epic, not some nothing match. Pumphandle Fireman’s Carry slam by Chris gets two. LaRusso gets caught with a kick to the head and hits the mat unconscious, and Josh mounts him with punches before the ref calls for a stoppage as Chris is out. (Josh Woods over Chris LaRusso, ref stoppage, 5:32)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was okay, I guess. I thought LaRusso showed more than Woods did, to be honest. It wasn’t going to set the world on fire, but his offense was decent. I’ll go with a lukewarm YES on this one. I would have rather seen Chris go over, though.

We replay the same promo from last week, as Jay Briscoe promises to beat Jay White quickly this time. That’s our main event tonight!

Quick video of last week’s confrontation between Lio Rush and Kenny King. That match is next!

We’ve been joined by Chris Sabin on commentary for this one. And there’s the music of Kenny King! He’s out with Caprice Coleman, as Rhett Titus is out injured. And there’s the music of Lio Rush! I wish to start the pool to get Lio Rush into the BOSJ as soon as possible.

Kenny King (w/ Caprice Coleman) vs Lio Rush

No Code of Honor. They do some chain wrestling to start, and it looks good. Kenny King can wrestle, you know. I wish he had more to do in ROH sometimes. Sabin drops in a Perry Saturn reference for funsies. Kenny ends up on the outside, but catches Rush coming off the ropes with a kick from the floor. Rush to the floor, but he avoids a King crossbody and hits two topes on Kenny. King gets a fireman’s carry, but Rush turns it into an inverted ‘rana and gets a frog splash for two. King misses SHOTGUN KNEES~! in the corner, but avoids Lio coming off the top and hits the Royal Flush for the win. (Kenny King over Lio Rush, pinfall, 8:19)

WORTH WATCHING? – I could have watched 10 more minutes of this without breaking a sweat. YES, this was fun. Kenny can go and looked thrilled to be in there with a guy that was even faster than he was, and the result was a nice back and forth match where either guy could have won, and Rush just got caught. He isn’t hurt at all by the loss, and it would be nice to see this whole Rebellion thing dropped and King get a push, especially since he’s going to be on “The Bachelor” this season. Might as well milk that puppy.

Post-match, King and Coleman look to continue the beatdown on Rush, but Shane Taylor is out to make the save…..and he promptly turns on Lio with a sitout chokebomb. Ian says that Taylor’s family had ‘abandoned him’, talking about Keith Lee, and that maybe he’s found a new family. Okay.

Hey, it’s time for the main event, and that’s the music of Jay White! He’s out as we’ve been joined by Mark Briscoe on commentary, and we’re reminded that Jay White hasn’t been beaten in the last 9 months here in ROH. “Reach for the sky, boy!” That can only mean that one Jay Briscoe is about to head out to the ring, and indeed, there he is!

Jay Briscoe vs Jay White

Jay Briscoe refuses the Code of Honor, continuing his heelish actions over the last few months. They should absolutely consider turning Briscoe heel, because there’s much more that he can do these days as a heel than he can as a face. White is perturbed by this lack of respect and attacks immediately with a dropkick and keeps the pressure on Briscoe, hitting a German suplex to send Briscoe to the floor and following with a tope. White is really good, and he’s actually getting the crowd to respond to him here, probably because he’s beating up Jay Briscoe. Briscoe ‘ranas White back in the ring to send him out to the floor and Briscoe follows that with a HUGE tope that wipes White out. Back in, and Briscoe has control with some nasty kicks. He keeps trying for the pin and White keeps kicking out to frustrate Briscoe. Saito suplex by Briscoe gets two. White makes a comeback and wipes Briscoe out with a clothesline, then hits running European uppercuts on Briscoe in the corner. Missile dropkick and Uranage gets two for White, and he switches to a crossface, but Briscoe makes the ropes. White lays into Briscoe in the corner but runs into a dropkick from Briscoe. Neckbreaker gets two for Briscoe. Discus lariat is countered by White into a Flatliner, suplex in the corner and White gets two. White goes up, but he gets crotched by Briscoe and shoved off the top through a table on the outside, as the announcers really are playing up that Briscoe isn’t the same guy lately. White stands up and tells Briscoe to bring it on, and he kicks out at one on a Death Valley Driver! They slug it out on their knees, then on their feet and White wins it, but gets caught with a Discus elbow and Briscoe finishes with a lariat. Bitchin’ match. (Jay Briscoe over Jay White, pinfall, 16:42)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was almost a complete 180 from their snoozer a few months ago. Briscoe fighting to put away the spunky White and being willing to do whatever it took, regardless of any rules, really put White over as a threat. White got to fight up and hang with Briscoe, and he looked like he totally belonged out there with a few convincing chances to actually win the match, something the previous match sorely lacked. White is an interesting case for ROH, because they’ve booked him really strongly with regards to his matches, as this was his first loss in 9 months by pin, but they haven’t done much with him on a character front to get the crowd at all invested in him. He’s really good and they could build off what he did out there tonight. YES, watch this match. It was pretty good, to say the very least.

Briscoe celebrates as Ian signs off, and we’re done with ROH TV for this week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: This was a tale of two shows, with the first half being mostly throwaway junk and the last two matches taking up more than 25 minutes and both being pretty fun to watch. Skip the first 25 minutes, watch the last 35.


Almost there…..

ROH TV – 3/29/17

Replay of Daniels’ promo from before his match with Cole at the 15th Anniversary. I wasn’t a fan of that promo, but man I liked that story and that ending.

We are TAPED from Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni and Kevin Kelly.

And that’s the music of the Addiction! Here comes Frankie Kazarian and, resplendent in a suit and tie, the NEW ROH World Champion, Christopher Daniels! And he’s not wasting any time here, as he’s got a tray set up in the ring and he’s mixing up some APPLETINIS! Yeah! Frankie: “It is MY pleasure to present your new Ring of Honor World Champion…..of the World, Christopher Daniels!” Crowd chants for Appletinis as Daniels takes a sip. “Ooh, that’s strong.” At the 15th, Daniels faced a man who was younger and faster than him, but he wasn’t smarter than Christopher Daniels! He and Kaz put together a plan to put one over on the Bullet Club, and it worked! The only thing sweeter than his drink of choice was that victory! Kaz takes the mic and reminds us that he has a shot at the World TV title, so Marty Scurll is on notice! And they’ll always be brothers, the Addiction that you just can’t kick!

Wait a second, that’s the music of Dalton Castle! The Party Peacock is out to his usual crazy pop as Kevin reminds us that he has a World title shot this Saturday at Supercard of Honor. Dalton: “Is that a drink?” Daniels: “It’s not just a drink; it’s an experience!” He offers the glass to Castle, but warns him not to chug his first one; take it slow, Castle. Dalton does, and his expression seems to show that he enjoyed the experience. Castle asks for one of his own, but Castle has a solution to that – he snaps his fingers, and out come the Boys with a glass just for Dalton. Daniels does the pouring and Castle congratulates Daniels on his title win; he calls it life-changing and well-deserved. But he doesn’t envy Chris, because now that he’s champ, he’s going to have to wrestle Castle, and Dalton doesn’t wish that on anyone.

“Bullet Club!” Well, well, well. That heralds the arrival of Adam Cole and the Young Bucks to the stage. “Who’s ready for storytime with Adam Cole, bay-bay?” Well, probably most of the residents of the WWE performance center, I’d guess. A fairy tale ending! Lighting in a bottle! That’s what most people have been calling the ending of the 15th Anniversary, but Cole calls it 2 guys screwing him out of his ROH World championship! And they will pay for it! And the idea of Dalton Castle winning that title is laughable! The only guy who deserves the shot at Supercard of Honor is Adam Cole, bay-bay! Frankie tells Adam that he doesn’t understand why Cole would want to get back in the ring with Daniels, but if they want to fight tonight, why not have a little 6-man tag with Cole and the Bucks against the Addiction and Dalton Castle? Castle looks agreeable to it, and Cole accepts, as we’ve got a main event for tonight!

We’re back with Marty Scurll! I can work with that. He cuts a promo challenging everyone on the roster, and gives us a ‘Long live the Villain’ and a laugh, and we’re done…..but after they yell ‘cut’, Kenny King comes into the picture, and he challenges Scurll to a match for the title, and Marty agrees.

“Reach for the sky, boy!” Hey, that’s the music of the Briscoes! Mark and Jay make their way out to the ring, as they’re set to challenge for the ROH World tag titles here; will they become 9-time tag champs? Up next, we get some piano music and that can only mean one thing – it’s the ROH World tag team champs, the Hardys! Matt and Jeff appear with both the ROH titles and the Bucks’ made-up belts. This is a legitimate dream match, albeit one that might have been better about a decade ago.

The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) vs the Hardys (c) (Matt & Jeff) – Ring of Honor World Tag Team championship match

No Code of Honor. The Hardys control early, and it appears that Jeff took his vitamins, as he isn’t fucking up every move so far. The Briscoes regain control by sending the Hardys to the floor, and Jay hits his insane tope that he always does and Mark comes off with an elbow off the apron to the floor. They key on Jeff and beat him up for awhile, and Jeff still takes a decent shit-kicking after all these years. Jeff comes back with a corkscrew off the top onto both Briscoes and makes the tag to Matt. Matt with a DDT on Mark and a bulldog out of the corner gets two. We go to break, we come back and Jeff and Mark clothesline each other, and we get stereo tags from both teams to Jay and Matt, respectively. Matt bites Jay, so Jay headbutts the SHIT out of him. Jay is busted open now, and Matt connects with the Side Effect. Kelly reminds us that Matt and Jay have issues from years ago, from the ROH/SCUM angle. I really, really liked that angle, BTW. Most I’ve ever liked Steve Corino. Briscoes come back with superplexes on both Hardys now, Froggybow by Mark gets two on Matt. The Briscoes go for a Doomsday Device, Jeff shoves Mark off the top, so Mark lands on the apron and springs in to complete the move anyway, forcing Jeff to save it. Jeff ends up hitting Jay with a sloppy Twist of Fate on the outside, and Matt hits the Twist of Fate on the inside and Jeff comes off with a Swanton Bomb to Mark, 1, 2, Mark rolls Jeff over into a crucifix! 1, 2, NO! HOT nearfall right there. Blind tag to Jeff and Matt catches Mark with a backslide, allowing Jeff to come off with a double legdrop into a pinning position as the Hardys pick up the win. (The Hardys over The Briscoes, pinfall, 14:52)

WORTH WATCHING? – I was struck watching this match how much I would have wanted to see these two teams in their prime going at it, to be honest. However, the match itself was very much above average, and YES, I’d check it out to see what will probably be the only time these teams ever go at it. The Briscoes were clearly losing here, but there was enough to make you think at a few points that maybe they weren’t, so I’ll give it the thumbs in the air. Not going to set the world on fire with the teams at the age they’re at, but still very much a good piece of work,if not great.

Post-match, the Hardys celebrate, but here come the Jacksons, as the Young Bucks make their way to the stage. They’ve got a mic and they lay down the challenge for the match at Supercard to be a ladder match for the titles. Matt and Jeff briefly confer, then do the ‘Yes’ movement with their arms to indicate that they’re down to clown for that. Because Matt can’t cut a promo right now, because TNA ARE DICKS.

We go to break and then return, and we see that we’re already in the middle of our main event!

The Bullet Club (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson) vs The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) & Dalton Castle

Everyone battles it out in the ring, then on the floor, as Nick Jackson comes off the top with a swanton onto Castle and the Addiction. Triple apron bomb by the Bullet Club now. Back in and we get set up for the Terminator dives, but the Boys pull the Bucks to the floor and look to take their place; they try running the ropes, but the Bucks repay them in kind by yanking them out and superkicking them into next week. Bullet Club isolate Kaz and beat on him for awhile now. Cute spot as Matt goes for a brainbuster on Kaz while yelling “brainbuster!”, but Kaz is able to sock him in the mouth. Cole in next and he does the same thing, and again, Kaz socks him in the mouth. Nick in and now he tries it, but Castle and Daniels come in to stop that, and Cole and Bucks try for 3 brainbusters at the same time, but they all end up getting suplexed instead. I don’t normally like the Bucks’ attempts at comedy, but that made me laugh a whole bunch. 450/Moonsault combo by the Bucks on Frankie gets two. Frankie comes back with a slingshot cutter on Nick, and it’s hot tag Daniels. Chris dominates the Bucks now, but Cole breaks up Angel’s Wings with a superkick. Tag to Adam now, and Daniels tags in Castle. They do a nice sequence as Dalton has the upper hand, and he takes out both Bucks on his own as well with suplexes. German with a bridge gets two as the Bucks break it up. Match breaks down as everyone gets in the ring now, and everyone ends up on the mat. Back up and the Bucks superkick everyone, but Castle moves and they superkick Cole instead. They hit Dalton with a double superkick, but Castle comes off the ropes with a double clothesline that turns the Bucks inside-out. Dalton has looked like a complete STAR in this match. I’m shocked at how well he’s been booked here, to be perfectly honest. He and Cole end up alone in the ring, and one Bangarang later the match is very much over. (Dalton Castle & the Addiction over the Bullet Club, pinfall, 10:54)

WORTH WATCHING? – Man, they did a hero’s job here putting Dalton Castle over as a threat. He was involved in every babyface comeback and was taking on 3 guys at once at more than one point in the match!

*Rimshot* (Heh, rimshot)

But seriously, the match was structured in such a way that Dalton got the big comeback after Frankie took most of the punishment. YES, I would totally watch this again. This was the type of thing that Dalton needed, especially going into Saturday, and him getting the pin on Cole was totally the right booking. Match itself was good too, with zero dead spots and some really strong ringwork in a bunch of spots. Hell, the Bucks even behaved themselves! Recommended.

Post-match, Daniels offers Castle a handshake, which Dalton accepts, but we get a bit of a staredown as we’re done with ROH TV for the week, right after a quick rundown of the card for Saturday. We’ll do the same thing below!

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: This was easily the best of the 3 shows that I was catching up on this week, with more than 25 minutes of in-ring action and most of that was pretty good, I thought. Big-time thumbs up this week for ROH TV, and this one you should be able to see on the website, so check it out!


Alright, recaps are caught up. Time for a quick (and I do mean QUICK) preview for Supercard of Honor.

Supercard of Honor 11 Preview

Here are the matches for the show, along with a brief recap of what’s going on and my predictions for them. I’ll be reviewing the show at some point next week, but I won’t be watching it live, as I have to work late on Saturday and won’t be able to give it the time, and I’m sure that ‘Mania is going to take up most of my Sunday. Look for my words on it sometime next week. Regardless, here we go!

THE KINGDOM (Matt Taven & Vinny Marseglia) vs SILAS YOUNG & THE BEER CITY BRUISER – The Kingdom dropped the 6-Man tag titles after TK O’Ryan’s injury at the 15th Anniversary, or they’d probably be defending them here. Either way, expect Silas and the Bruiser to pick up the duke here as they might be in the mix to challenge for those titles relatively soon.

FRANKIE KAZARIAN vs PUNISHMENT MARTINEZ – Get ’em on the card match here, as they keep bringing Martinez along by putting him in there with vets. There are worse strategies. I’m picking Kaz to go over somehow here, as he’s set to challenge Marty Scurll for the TV title in the future.

DRAGON LEE & JAY WHITE vs WILL OSPREAY & VOLADOR JR – This is one of Ospreay’s first matches back in ROH since Final Battle, actually. Expect him and Volador to pick up the win here.

THE BRISCOES & BULLY RAY vs THE BULLET CLUB (HANGMAN PAGE & THE GUERILLAS OF DESTINY) – I don’t know for sure whether or not this is for the ROH 6-Man titles, although I would assume it is. Either way, they’ve been laying the seeds for a Jay Briscoe heel turn for awhile now, but it isn’t going to happen in this match. Briscoes/Bully Ray retain.

CODY RHODES vs JAY LETHAL – TEXAS BULLROPE MATCH – This is the final (?) blowoff after what happened at Final Battle between these two, with Rhodes hitting the low blow and turning heel in ROH while picking up the win over Lethal. Cody laid down the challenge for it to be a bullrope match, promising to attach his family’s cowbell to the rope. I’m torn on this one, because I can make a case for both guys to go over. Lethal for revenge, Cody because he’s a good heel foil for Christopher Daniels going forward. I’m going with Lethal to win here, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it went the other way.

ADAM COLE vs MARTY SCURLL (C) – RING OF HONOR WORLD TV TITLE MATCH – All hail ROH for their handling of Marty Scurll, who has been treated like a big deal from the moment that he set foot in the company. Instead of presenting his TV title victory as a fluke, he’s been given the ball with wins over all his challengers, and he has run with it, to say the least; they’d have to be crazy to not at least consider giving him a shot with the World title at some point. The Adam Cole Farewell tour probably kicks into high gear here, as he is expected to take his leave of the company within the next few months; the best parallel I can draw is a few years ago, when Kevin Steen took on Michael Elgin at Supercard of Honor while everyone pretty much knew that Steen was heading to Florida pretty soon. This may be, and probably is, the last time we see Adam Cole on a Ring of Honor PPV, which is kind of a weird thing to think about. Regardless, he’s going out with his boots up, as I expect Marty to retain here.

DALTON CASTLE vs CHRISTOPHER DANIELS (C) – RING OF HONOR WORLD TITLE MATCH – Well, this one is going to be interesting, but I’m not thinking that it’s very tough to call. I don’t expect Daniels to drop the belt in his first defense, while Castle has an expiring contract coming up soon, which has been the kiss of death recently for ROH wrestlers and titles. Were it up to me? I’d put that title on Castle so fast your head would spin. It’d be a big moment and he’s definitely the most over face in the company right now. That having been said, I expect Daniels to play a subtle heel in the match and pull out a victory in the end to retain.

THE YOUNG BUCKS vs THE HARDYS – LADDER MATCH FOR THE RING OF HONOR WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES – The whole timeline for this match has been completely screwed up. According to Uncle Dave, the plan was to do a series between the two teams on both ROH and in TNA, so this wasn’t supposed to be the big blowoff. But plans changed, as the Hardys found themselves on the outs with TNA and arrived in ROH faster than anyone thought, taking the tag belts at Manhattan Mayhem in a surprise match. Now, here we have the match that was planned all along, and it’s the match that’s putting the butts in the seats, as ROH is projected to have their largest gate of all-time this weekend and these are the guys that are delivering it. As for the match itself, TNA has asserted control of the ‘Broken’ gimmick, so while I’m sure there will be chants and the like, don’t expect a Matt Hardy interview or any reference to it. Regardless, I and most others fully anticipate the Bucks regaining the ROH Tag Team titles from Matt and Jeff here, as the Hardys are expected to debut with the WWE relatively soon after this show.

That’s your preview for Saturday, sorry about the truncated version. Back to the way-too-long ones next time.

And that’s it for me, as we’re now caught up, so to speak. Next week, the long and exhaustive recap of crazy returns, as I do like writing them very much. In the meantime, enjoy this weekend of wrestling, everyone.


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