The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E05–“Boyle Heights Street Fight”

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground S01E05

“Boyle Heights Street Fight”

Your hosts are Matt Striker & Vampiro

Last week: Johnny Mundo stands his ground with Dario Cueto, and gets powerbombed through a table for his troubles.

Dario Cueto meets with Konnan in his office, and he gets talked into making Big Rick v. Puma in a Boyle Heights Street Fight tonight as the main event. And then Konnan steals his drink.

Mil Muertes v. Drago

Muertes attacks to start, but Drago hits him with a crosssbody for two. Mil shrugs him off and hits a powerslam, then tosses Drago while King Cuerno hangs out and stalks Drago from the entryway. Muertes with a powerslam for two and he slowly pounds away before missing a blind charge. Drago springboards at him with a DDT for two and goes up, but Mil catches him with a spear out of the air in a cool spot. Flatliner finishes at 3:56. Mil has an awesome wrestling name and a cool gimmick, but he desperately needs new gear at this point. Basically a squash for Muertes. ** And then Cuerno slithers in and gives the already dead Drago his finish for good measure.

Mientras, we get to know Johnny Mundo a little better, and he looks like 100x bigger star than WWE let him be. The shots of him on the throne are some awesome work by the crew.

Mientras, Catrina gets all weird with Dario, warning him that “you can’t keep darkness locked away forever”.

Son of Havoc v. Mascarita Sagrada

The mixing of the minis is just such a bad idea on all levels. Sagrada sends Havoc to the floor and gets a rollup back in the ring, but Havoc faceplants him. Gorilla Press into a standing moonsault, but Havoc decides against covering him, opting for more punishment instead. Finally a one-foot coverPUma tr gets two, but Sagrada comes back with a dive on Ivelisse and then one on Havoc. Back in, Sagrada wraps him up with a cradle off a tilt-a-whirl for the pin at 4:53. Fine for what it was. **1/2

Sexy Star v. Chavo Guerrero

I will say, at least there’s a backstory here, as Chavo turned on her and destroyed her with a chairshot in the second episode. Chavo forces her into the corner for a kiss, which is a bit icky, but Star quickly sends him out of the ring, then grabs a chair and kicks the referee in the nuts for the DQ at 2:10. DUD This brings out Pentagon, who is apparently helping Chavo now, but Fenix makes the save and cleans house. So I’m assuming that’s a tag match next week.

Boyle Heights Street Fight: Big Ryck v. Prince Puma

Puma tries a slugfest to start and gets beat down as a result, and Ryck chokes away. This guy seriously got pushed as the IC champion? Granted I was barely watching at that point, but geez. Puma comes back and Cisco & Cortez come in and get chased off, allowing Puma to hit Ryck with a DDT and dump him for the SPACE FLYING TIGER DROP. Back in, Ryck catches him with a clothesline and takes over again with his shitty offense while Cortez has decided to blade for artistic reasons. Ryck chokes away in the corner and whips Puma into a garbage can back-first, thus curing his searing leg pain.

Puma fights back on the crew and cleans house with a kendo stick, but Ryck no-sells it and lays him out with a short clothesline. They find a ladder and beat on Puma some more, but Johnny Mundo dives in from the balcony to make the save in an amazing spot, but he accidentally puts Puma down with a chairshot. Ryck puts him through a table for the anticlimactic pin at 11:15. Big Ryck sticks out like a sore thumb doing the lumbering American style wrestling here. **

The Pulse

Johnny Mundo continues to be the star of these early shows as they continue trying to find their voice. A breezy, fun show with not a lot going on again.