To Sign With WWE or Not

I meant to ask you this question before Kenny Omega announced his decision, but figure it’s still a decent topic. Taking away someone signing with WWE for the money (because I can’t begrudge anyone like AJ Styles who signs with WWE to better themselves and their family financially), as a fan would you prefer someone of Kenny Omega’s caliber sign with WWE or stay with New Japan? Omega, or anyone who could be comparable to him, staying in New Japan increases their potential to grow as a company and give WWE more legit competition. While signing with WWE would make it easier to see that person, and make him into a bigger star. So which option do you think is better as a fan?

​In Omega’s case I’m glad he stayed with New Japan because he’d probably get Itami’d in the developmental system and be stuck there for two years​ because he’s too small. Omega’s not the same as an AJ Styles, where he has a decade of national exposure under his belt.