I Hear Voices In My Head…

Hey Scott,

So it’s been said many times how some of the fault of the crap announcing is due to Vince McMahon in the ear of the announcers feeding them stuff to say. I remember the days of Vince the Play By Play guy, and how bad he was at that.

Do you know what level of talk he feeds the guys? Is it more just stuff like telling them to repeat buzz words & catchphrases & the repetitive stuff we fans have grown annoyed at, or more detailed stuff like full lines of dialogue the announcers are supposed to repeat word for word?

Guys like Mick Foley have said how they disliked announcing because of Vince’s voice in their ear, so I’ve always been curious…

​Depends on the person. Vince will be anywhere from "Correcting bad phrasing" all the way up to "Walking the person beat-by-beat through the story he wants to tell" based on who it is. Poor Michael Cole usually seems to get the worst of it, especially because he’s the lead voice. It’s not like anyone pays attention to what David Otunga has to say, for example, and I would hope Vince doesn’t have to prompt him to go "Wow!" every few minutes or declare someone to be a great athlete. ​