Random Questions

1. On the Stone Cold podcast, Triple H when speaking about Kurt Angle said Kurt picked up the business faster than anyone he had ever seen. He apparently was an absolute sponge and naturally acclimated himself. Did Kurt ever go through a developmental promotion in 1998-99(OVW?) or was he good enough to just train for a bit and appear right on TV?

2. Back in the summer of 2002 when they were first exploring the idea of each brand having their own champion, is there any truth to the rumor they wanted the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship to be the “World” title on RAW but Triple H refused? Who was pushing hard for that before it got nixed? I find it kinda hard to believe considering Triple H had no problem holding the IC title only a year earlier.

3. Do you think they could have made that work using the IC title instead of bringing back the Big Gold Belt? Maybe I’m a “glass half full” type person but I’ve always felt it’s how the championship is presented and who holds it that makes all the difference and all that matters. Case in point is the Big Gold Belt headlined WrestleMania 20, 21, and 24 but was a second rate title by 2009-13 the way it was treated.

4. Are they dead set on creating what is essentially a 5th promotion with the UK brand? Why not make NXT a nice blend of UK/Developmental/Indy Veterans? Do tapings from both the UK and Full Sail. 4 Takeover specials a year the night before a Big Four PPV in the US, 4 Takeover specials a year from the UK.


1.  He was in OVW for a while, yes, and Memphis as well, and looked like a total superstar every time he stepped into the ring.

2.  That is indeed the story, with HHH’s feeling being that people wouldn’t accept the secondary title as a main title all of a sudden.  Everything is Vince’s idea, so ultimately he came up with it and then nixed it.

3.  I preferred the plan of one travelling World champion and then having the US champion on one show and the IC champion on the other show as “TV champions”, but I can see how that wouldn’t gel with HHH’s worldview.

4. That would be a logistical nightmare and make NXT even more of a money sink than it already is.  I actually like the way HHH is handling the UK expansion right now just fine.