Mid-South Wrestling – July 15th, 1982

July 15, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Tonight, Mr. Olympia defends the Mississippi Heavyweight Title against Bob Roop. Plus, Buck Robley vs. The Grappler and the TV debut of Ernie Ladd & Junkyard Dog as a team.


The Grappler vs. Buck Robley

These two end in a stalemate after a quick back-and-forth sequence as Watts puts over the importance of getting wins on television because it can be seen by promoters all across the country. They end in another stalemate then Robley drops a knee to avoid a monkey flip. Robley works a chinlock until The Grappler breaks free and rams Robley in the corner. He hits a slam then drops an elbow as he is in control. Back elbow smash gets two as Watts tells us Buddy Landel vs. Ted DiBiase is up next. Robley takes The Grappler down with a hammerlock and drives a knee into his back but The Grappler whips him into the corner. Backbreaker gets two but Robley fights back then catches him with a sleeper. The Grappler breaks by running Robley into the ropes then loads his boot but Robley readjusts his brace and hits The Grappler. Robley tries for a backdrop then avoids The Grappler’s kick and drops the forearm across The Grappler and gets the win (5:52) **.

Thoughts: Decent enough for a TV match. The Grappler was really good in the ring and Robley was at least competent despite his dated style.


Ted DiBiase vs. Buddy Landel

DiBiase works an armbar on the mat as Watts talks about how he spoke with Dick Murdoch, who called from Japan to express his disgust over what DiBiase did to JYD and that DiBiase’s father is turning over in his grave. Landel gets two with a sunset flip as he gets some momentum going. The fans are behind Landel as DiBiase is getting frustrated. DiBiase is able to catch Landel with a back elbow smash then takes control. Landel boots DiBiase then fires away. DiBiase bails after getting dropkicked as Watts screams how that is the first time DiBiase has ever rolled outside of the ring to avoid the action. DiBiase returns and decks Landel in the face and hits a powerslam before putting him away with the figure four (4:29) **.

Thoughts: This was fun. They gave Landel some hope spots and the fans loathed DiBiase. Landel showed potential here and was only 20 years old too at the time.


Billy Ash vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Sharpe breaks out of a front facelock by lifting Ash up and placing him on the apron. Watts talks about fans and wrestlers thinking the referees are too restrictive and that is tough to find a happy medium. Sharpe works the arm then Ask kicks him in the gut. Ash hammers away but the larger Sharpe fights back then puts him away with the backbreaker submission (3:24).

Thoughts: Sharpe really comes across as terribly miscast in his babyface role. He’s bland and the fans are not behind him much.


Killer Khan & One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Vinnie Romeo & Coco Samoa

The heels beat down Romeo as Watts talks about Khan beating JYD to win the Louisiana Heavyweight Title due to interference from DiBiase. Samoa tags and fires away then knocks Khan down with a dropkick but Khan gets up and hits a double chop before getting the win with a middle rope knee drop (2:35).

Thoughts: Watts really put over the duo as a major threat, noting how Khan did not even technically tag out and beat two men and just think what they can do together against other competition.


Mississippi Heavyweight Title Match: Bob Roop vs. Mr. Olympia (c)

These two end in a stalemate after a sequence on the mat. Olympia gets a nearfall with a backslide after a criss-cross then Roop works an arm wringer. Olympia counters but Roop takes him down. Roop tries a knee drop but Olympia gets his foot up as both men are now squaring off against each other. Watts runs down the card in two weeks as Olympia turns a slam attempt by Roop into a sunset flip. Roop is now outside but Olympia flies out with a tope then brings the action back into the ring and works the arm. Roop rakes the eyes then hits a high knee as that gets two. Roop works a chinlock now and tries to use the ropes for leverage. Olympia fights back as Watts talks about Mid-South being the toughest place in the country. Olympia gets the sleeper on but Roop steps behind and hits a backbreaker. Roop then applies the sleeper then lets him go when Olympia tries to run him into the corner and puts him back in the sleeper on the rebound. Olympia uses the ropes for leverage to reverse the sleeper and eventually gets him down in the middle of the ring and the ref raises Roop’s hand three times and it goes down as Olympia gets the win (7:11) **1/2.

Thoughts: I thought this was a solid match. It was slower-paced than most but it told a good story of Olympia overcoming Roop’s strengths of attacking his own opponent’s strenghts and the sleeper spot was pulled off well. Since dropping the North American Title, Roop has done a lot of jobs on TV.


Hacksaw Duggan vs. Mike Bond

Watts reminds us that Duggan was brought in by Akbar as a bounty hunter for Dick Murdoch but its unknown if Duggan is a member of Akbar’s Army. Duggan beats on Bond as Watts puts over his football career and his being on the special team squad to show how he is fearless and that he lead his team in penalties. Duggan misses an elbow drop as Bond lands some punches but Duggan rakes the eyes then tackles him before getting the win with a backbreaker (3:03).

Thoughts: A match to put Duggan over as a threat as they questioned whether or not he still had ties to Akbar.


The Assassin & Hangman Harris vs. Ernie Ladd & Junkyard Dog

DiBiase comes out and takes a seat at ringside with a pad of paper in his hand as JYD stares him down to apparently scout the match. JYD reverses a hip toss attempt on the Assassin. Both men tag out as Ladd beats on Harris. The Assassin makes a blind tag and breaks up a bearhug attempt from JYD after loading his mask then knocks JYD out with a headbutt. JYD is out on the floor as DiBiase goes over and taunts him. Back inside, the ref gets bumped to the floor as the heels beat on Ladd. JYD gets up and decks DiBiase before heading inside. JYD blocks a headbutt from The Assassin then rams him into the corner as Assassin is down. JYD covers but DiBiase whacks him with the chair. Ladd knocks DiBiase outside and now The Grappler runs in and loads his boot but JYD avoids a dropkick. The Assassin gets tossed outside then JYD hits The Grappler with a powerslam as the ref finally gets up behind JYD and counts the pin as JYD & Ladd get the win (2:46).

Thoughts: More of an angle than an actual match but it was a blast and highly effective at putting JYD over as an incredible babyface who can overcome the odds. The fans were really into this one a lot too.


After the match, JYD & Ladd head over to Watts, with Ladd holding the chair used to hit JYD that is now broken. JYD says no one can get rid of him as Ladd puts over JYD’s resilience and how he would hate to be DiBiase. A brief interview that still managed to be very effective.


Final Thoughts: Good show this week. We had more competitive matches than usual and a hot angle to close out the show. They really pushed JYD as Superman here and the fans reacted in a positive manner. The JYD & Ladd duo seems geared for a big TV push and you would think DiBiase would try to find a partner to go up against the duo as the guys here failed to get the job done.


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