Raw After Wrestlemania

Hey Scott!

When would you say it became the norm that the RAW after WrestleMania was a "big deal?" I know the day after WM14 was a big day, but I can’t remember what happened in surrounding years.

In your opinion, what was some of the better RAW’s after a WM? Any disappointments/underwhelming ones where nothing really happened?

Thank you!

​Yeah, 98 was HUGE, of course. 99 saw the Rock fired from the Corporation so that was big, too. 2001 was the HHH-Rock cage match where HHH should have turned babyface and then just heeled on Rock instead, so that was big. The next bunch are a blur, but then I’m old. So I’d say 98 was the first one that was really a huge deal, although even 95 was big with the Sid turn and Shawn turning babyface and such.