What is the hook for this year’s WrestleMania?

How is WWE going to sell this year’s show beyond, hey, it’s WrestleMania again. Last year, they had to pull out Taker/Shane late to sell tickets but at least they had a decent main event angle with HHH/Reigns driving the pre-show hype.

What has any heat this year? Besides Owens/Jericho (and that’s a mid-card match), what is going to entice fans to watch the show? In particular, how are they going to get those lapsed fans to come back when the shine is already off Goldberg?

It’s even more annoying when you think they have John Cena, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles & Nakamura all doing absolutely nothing of note on the biggest show of the year.

​It’s seems like basically "Hey, it’s Wrestlemania again" IS the main attraction this year, with a bunch of stuff getting set up on Smackdown two weeks before the show while RAW sleepwalks through the build and Lesnar isn’t even there. ​I still haven’t figured out why I’m supposed to care about Goldberg v. Lesnar in the first place, and the main issue in the Roman-Undertaker match appears to be the fans getting pissed off that Braun Strowman isn’t involved instead. It’s a very strange build with a cold product, but at least the HHH-Rollins and Shane-AJ matches featured good beatings this week to make people think they actually care. Even though no one does.