Long time reader. I even own a few of your books. Dino Bravo sucks. Yada yada yada……

I don’t watch religiously like I used to, but I catch Raw most weeks. Seems like it’s been a few years since HHH used "The Game" (best intro song ever, IMO). Instead he uses "King of Kings", which is passable.

Has he eschewed "The Game" because it’s so popular and he’d get the reaction of a face? Or do you think it’s a rights fee issue? Or just a matter of Hunter’s preference?

​I think it’s supposed to maybe be a heel thing, like you say? The entrance would get a big pop and he doesn’t want that reaction would be my guess. Ultimately though it’s his choice. It wouldn’t be a rights fee issue because as I understand it, they do those kinds of entrance themes on a work-for-hire basis, where the publishing rights are retained by WWE and the artist (or more likely, the record company) just gets paid a flat amount. ​