Hi Papa Smark!

I’m enjoying a snow day, having last night’s RAW on in the background while I work, and got to thinking – has there been anyone else who has been so influential to someone career as Heyman has to Brock’s? I can think of maybe Ellering for the Road Warriors, and Gary Hart for a couple, but no one else really stands out as most managers were performers first. Do you think there could be a spot for managers in general in today’s environment, and is there anyone you could think of that could positively influence someone’s career the way the aforementioned people did?

​Unfortunately I think they’ve pretty much removed the need for managers, because everyone does the same scripted promos and thus people who can’t do promos already have someone to write their material. Roman’s not a great talker, but whether it’s him or a manager, they’re reading the same material either way. So I don’t think someone else reading it is going to get the original person over any more or less, ya know? ​