WM X-8 Questions

Hey Scott,

Just had a few questions about this event:

1). Why was Billy and Chuck even a thing here? I see them as champs, but winning on the Grandest Stage of them all? Any reasoning?

2). Ric Flair got punched 4 times, and was drenched in blood. Undertaker gets hit in the head with a lead pipe, and has a speck down his forehead. Arn Anderson gets punched once and is bleeding. Why or how come does Ric Flair bleed so much, and others don’t do as much of a job as him? For effect?

3). Lastly, Trish Stratus losing to Jazz……IN CANADA? Was their some infatuation with Jazz back then?




Nobody ever accused Joe of doing steroids, that’s for damn sure.  One more point in the win column for him.

1.  Vince LOVED the Billy & Chuck deal and thought that the “commitment ceremony” was going to be a ratings bonanza.  And then they did the swerve and it became apparent that the gay community wasn’t actually going to buy into their bullshit storyline and that was that.

2.  Ric’s all about the color.

3.  To be honest, I barely even remember Jazz now.