Perhaps you can help jar my memory…

The first time I saw professional wrestling would have been on a Saturday afternoon sometime in the 80s. I distinctly recall seeing Hulk Hogan battling the Iron Shiek and being so mad that he lost by disqualification when he removed Shiek’s boot and used it as a weapon, cutting Shiek open in the process. The problem is, Hulk was never on those shows. Maybe once a year he’d do an interview, but he was too big for daytime television. On the other hand, the boot most definitely belonged to Shiek because of the curled/pointed tip.

Can you or any of your readers shed some light on this feud? Was it actually Hogan? Or someone else? When was this? What were the rest of the circumstances that caused a seemingly sane babyface to remove his opponents footwear and gouge a hole in his forehead with the offending boot?


​Sounds more like Slaughter than Hogan, to be honest, but it doesn’t ring any bells for me.