MSG house show 03/12

Hey Scott just left MSG. Here are quick results.

1) Shane opened and was interrupted by AJ. This led to AJ vs Orton as the opener. Great back and forth match, not as good as the SDL match but still awesome for house show. Orton in 15-min with top rope RKO great reaction to both guys.

2) 6-man Rhyno/Slater/Kalisto beat Hawkins and Breezango in 5+ minutes with Gore to Breeze. Rhyno got huge ECW chants

3) Ziggler beat Apollo Crews in 8 min with a superkick. Awesome final sequence, shame these guys are as forgotten as they are. They got crowd into it

4) IC title fatal 4-way – Ambrose beat Miz, Harper, and Corbin in 12:45 with Dirty Deeds on Miz. Great heat, awesome match for crowd. Non stop action

5) Brock Lesnar beat Kevin Owens in 2+ with the F5. Hey, KO got offense and hit Swanton!  Brock hit 5 Germans and F5 to win.

6) After intermission we got the8-women tag.  Major league pops for Asuka who choked out Carmella for win. Short, inoffensive and Asuka was OVER

7) American Alpha beat the Usos. DEAD match, no heat. Sad because they’re good wrestlers. Just no story to get into. AA are DOA right now. They win with Steiner Bulldog in 8 minutes

8) Bray Wyatt beat Cena with low blow in 20+ in awesome main event. Bray tried leaving and getting counted out but Shane made it no DQ/no COTR. Guardrails, chairs, tables. Cena got heat back with AA thru table after.

WWE return to MSG on 7/7. My 13 year old son had great time. Most fans in building loved show. It’s uncanny the reactions Cena gets. Good and bad. Every kid had Cena shirt and chanted for him. Most adult males hated him. Big cheers for Shane, Asuka, Orton, AJ, Rhyno.  Heel heat for Miz, Cena, Wyatt.

I’d call this major thumbs up. Better than the last bunch of ppvs for sure.