Mid-South Wrestling – July 8th, 1982

July 8, 1982

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and The Assassin


We see Paul Ellering showing kids how to do chinups at the gym.


Billy Starr vs. “Precious” Paul Ellering

This is Ellering’s in-ring return after his second injury since January as we takes Starr down. The Assassin talks about Ellering getting a degree in Physical Education from South Dakota St. as Ellering works the arm after hitting a dropkick. Ellering tosses Starr out from the corner then avoids a charge and hits a pair of armdrags before going back to the arm. Ellering then hits a Polish Hammer before picking up the win with a neckbreaker (4:43).

Thoughts: Ellering was just not any good in the ring. The crowd liked him enough to be a midcard act but bell-to-bell they sat on their hands. This match really dragged.


Ted DiBiase vs. Jesse Barr

DiBiase has switched his glove from beige to black. These two end in a stalemate after some matwork. Pierce talks about how both of their fathers are wrestlers as DiBiase takes Barr down with an elbow smash and works a side headlock on the mat as The Assassin talks about how in wrestling, you have to go out and get things done yourself. Barr works an arm wringer then they botch some Irish whip spot before Barr fires away. DiBiase comes back with a punch to the face and hammers away as Pierce tells us fans are sending telegrams to Dick Murdoch in Japan to tell him what DiBiase did to the Junkyard Dog as DiBiase hits a powerslam then puts Barr away with the figure four (4:33) *1/2.

Thoughts: DiBiase is transitioning into his heel character now. From his facial expressions to his black glove, he is transforming right in front of us.


The Grappler & Billy Ash vs. Junkyard Dog & Mr. Olympia

JYD beats on Ash to start. The Grappler and Mr. Olympia tag in as the Olympia ends up cleaning house. The match breaks down again as The Grappler trips up Olympia as we see Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Skandor Akbar watching the match from some backstage area. Ash gets a nearfall with a brainbuster then the JYD runs in to save his partner but is ordered back on the apron. Olympia gets his feet up to monkey flip Ash then makes the tag as JYD runs wild. JYD then hits Ash with the powerslam as Olympia runs in to cut off The Grappler and that gets the win (4:36) *.

Thoughts: This was stretched out longer than it needed to be. JYD was by far and away positioned above his partner here.


“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Vinnie Romeo

Duggan beats on Romeo to start. He hits a shoulderbreaker for a two count but Romeo fights back. Duggan boots Romeo in the face then kicks him again and works the arm. The announcers talk about everything else going on in the promotion as Romeo comes back with a dropkick then lands some punches but slips trying a crossbody in a Botchamania moment and Duggan picks him up and runs him into the corner a few times before hitting a backbreaker for a win (4:58).

Thoughts: Way too long for a squash match. You can tell that they are trying to push Duggan though. Oddly enough, Akbar watched from afar and was not with Duggan at ringside.


Killer Khan w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Buddy Landel

The announcers let us know that Khan won the Louisiana Heavyweight Title Tournament in “controversial fashion.” Landel tries to fight off Khan but gets roughed up in the corner. Khan beats on Landel and knocks him down with a double chop before the top rope knee drop gets the win (2:41).

Thoughts: Landel was completely squashed here as Khan is being pushed as a monster heel.


One Man Gang w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Coco Samoa

Gang beats on Samoa to start. He hits a slam and drops a few elbows and that gets the win (2:09).

Thoughts: An uneventful squash for Gang, who is struggling to get over as a heel. He had the size but the look at this point was not special at all and he was in a territory with a lot of strong heels.


Bob Roop & Hangman Harris vs. Ernie Ladd & Buck Robley

Robley slams Roop then Ladd tags in and cleans house. Roop is knocked outside as Robley comes back in to hit Harris with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Roop attacks Robley from the apron then tags in and fires away. The heels cut off the ring as they work over Robley, who escapes and tags as Ladd fires away on Harris. Roop yanks Ladd by the hair as they tie Ladd up in the ropes but he boots Roop then escapes as Ladd hits Harris with a  backdrop then Robley drops an elbow as Ladd gets the win with a leg drop (3:58).

Thoughts: The finish here was neat and it was decent action for the most part. Its amazing to see how Roop has shot down the card since losing the North American Heavyweight Title. He got squashed by JYD last week and here had to team with Hangman Harris.


Final Thoughts: Overall, one of the weaker Mid-South shows I’ve reviewed. They did not have any real angle advancement to speak of and the squash matches were dragged out longer than usual. However, that usually means something big will happen the following week so lets wait and see what happens next.


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