Rick Rude, if he doesn’t get injured.

Hi Scott,

With Rick Rude going into the Hall of Fame in the coming weeks, and watching his 1992 WCW run all this week, what was the plans for Rude in 1994 had he not gotten injured? Was a possible Starrcade main event against Hogan in the cards? If not, was he just going to be thrown on the back burner, or stuck in mid-card hell? I seem to remember a possible face turn to feud with Vader, but that just seems….weird.

Thanks in advance, sir!

​Yeah, they were definitely building to a babyface run against Vader, which I was never a big fan of at the time, either. I’m sure that he would have ended up doing a program with Hogan and eating the legdrop, though. I don’t see him as a long-term guy in the Hogan era, to be honest. Feels like he’d get sick of the Hogan stuff and tell WCW where to stick it after a couple of months.​