Ring of Honor – March 8th, 2017


It’s the go-home show for the 15th Anniversary show! Tonight, The Briscoes, Jay Lethal, & Bobby Fish take on the Bullet Club in an 8-man tag team match in our main event!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

ROH TV – 3/8/17

The Briscoes, Fish, and Lethal are standing by. Jay: “Bullet Club, you boys pissed me the hell off!” Mark runs down the Club and calls themselves the Dream Team, as Lethal agrees, saying that tonight, it’s Ring of Honor vs the Bullet Club! They’ve got all the angles covered – Bucks, the Briscoes have you! Cody Rhodes, Jay Lethal has you! And as for Adam Cole…..Fish interrupts, saying that when he decides to officially end Adam Cole, he will! Tonight, they officially END the Bullet Club!

Naw, that’s not gonna happen.

We are TAPED from Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Your hosts this week are Ian Riccaboni and Dalton Castle. Dalton immediately points out how hot it is in the arena, perhaps they could each remove their shirts?

And we’re wasting no time as we see the upside-down ROH logo, as here comes the Rebellion! Time for a title match, as the next team out is the Kingdom, and they’ll be defending the ROH World 6-Man tag team titles right now!

The Kingdom (c) (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia, & TK O’Ryan) vs The Rebellion (Caprice Coleman, Kenny King, & Rhett Titus) – ROH World 6-Man tag title match

No Code of Honor. TK and Rhett start us off, lockup with both guys yanking on each other’s hair. Break and we get a few shoves, TK poses and Titus shoves him down, TK comes back with a shot to the throat. Side headlock by TK, Rhett tries to shoot him off, but TK hangs on by the hair and reapplies the headlock. Quality cheatin’, that was. Titus shoots him off and grabs him by the trunks to apply a headlock of his own. They run the ropes and Rhett comes down off a leapfrog and grabs his knee, shaking it out before tagging in Coleman. TK with the tag to Vinny, and he shakes hands with Coleman, both of them go for cheap shots at the same time. Okay, I get it, you’re all heels here. Both guys try kicks, both legs are caught; they negotiate both putting each other’s legs down at the same time…..and then simultaneously poke each other in the eye. Hee. Tags to Taven and King now, and Kenny fires rights at Taven. Cross-corner whip is reversed by Matt, King goes over the top with a sunset flip out of the corner on a blind charge, Taven rolls through that and knees King in the face. Belly-to-back suplex attempt by Taven, King goes over the top and hits the handstand kick to Matt, and we get tags to Titus and TK. Titus comes in with chops to O’Ryan, off the ropes, enzuigiri by Rhett! Taven comes in, but Rhett levels him with a left hand, then there’s one for Vinny to send him to the floor before Titus charges at TK in the corner with a big kick. He comes out limping from that one, though, and crumples to the mat on a dropkick attempt to Matt. Taven pounds on him for a minute, but Titus is selling like a mofo and we get a pause as Coleman and King come in to protect him as the ref backs the Kingdom off. And we’re off to watch these great ads!

We’re back as we see that during the break, Titus was helped to the back by the refs. Back to live action, Coleman manages a cutter on Taven to gain some room, Caprice crawls for the tag, while TK is reaching for a tag from Matt…..TK falls into the ring. While the ref is over to escort him out, Coleman makes the tag to King! Kenny comes in and beats on Taven in the corner with right hands, but now the ref is over and he didn’t see a tag, so he’s not going to allow it! No tag – since when has that ever stopped someone from coming in the ring during an ROH tag match? Taven uses the respite to drag Coleman back over to the Kingdom corner and tag in TK. He comes in as Vinny runs around and sends King to the barricade on the other side of the ring. Tag to Vinny now, and they attempt a double team whip to the buckle, Coleman blocks a shot from Taven on the apron and hits Matt with one of his own, then rolls under a double clothesline attempt before hitting Vinny and TK with a double dropkick! But there’s no one for Coleman to tag! Wait a second…..Lio Rush is out in Rebellion gear! He goes to the apron! Apparently, this is legal! What a refereeing job we’re seeing in this match! Tag to Rush, who comes in with a clothesline to TK! One for Vinny! More for TK! More for Vinny! Irish whip is reversed by O’Ryan and Vinny, Rush underneath the double clothesline, double handspring elbow drops both TK and Vinny! Dalton Castle is OUTRAGED on commentary that this is being allowed as Rush hits topes on Vinny, then runs across the ring and hits one on TK! He tosses O’Ryan back in, then rolls through a cradle before hitting TK with a spinning kick! Lio with a tag to Kenny now, and Vinny charges, Lio ducks, spinebuster by Kenny! King is excited, he bounces around the ring…..right into a cutter OUTTA NOWHERE by Lio Rush! I think that Lio Rush may have been faking his allegiance, everyone! King is dead, and the Kingdom finish him off with the triple-team powerbomb to retain. (The Kingdom over the Rebellion, pinfall, 7:47)

WORTH WATCHING? – It was alright, but not much to write home about, mostly because the commercial break in this one was really disjointing. It also was mostly about the angle that the Rebellion have going with Rush, but still, I’ll give this one a pass and say YES, you can check it out if you wish. I wouldn’t go much more than lukewarm, but Rush is such a special talent that I tend to grade his stuff higher than most, brief though it may have been in this match. It gets the Rebellion’s title shot out of the way, and the pace was fine, with the comedy stuff in the beginning before the bang-bang finish, although like I said, the commercial break was really awkward in this one. Your mileage may vary here.

Post-match, we see the cutter and the triple powerbomb. The Kingdom celebrates with their belts as King and Coleman look confused about what just happened.

Let’s hear from Jay White! Since he fought in a Ring of Honor ring, he’s been undefeated in singles action! Though he hasn’t lost, he hasn’t won them all either, because he took Jay Briscoe to a time limit draw – he knows that it eats away at Briscoe just like it eats away at him! So, Ring of Honor, make the rematch – any time, anywhere!

Jay Briscoe wishes to rebut. “He says he took the man to the time limit!” Well, that man was him, and White didn’t take Briscoe anywhere! If you want him to be honest, Briscoe forgot they only had 15 minutes! Took him? Where the hell did you take Jay Briscoe, son? Does he need to remind you that when he was undefeated for almost 3 years, he wasn’t wrestling top prospects, if you know what he means. Jay White, you want to challenge him to a rematch? You’re dog food man, dog food!

I’m saying right now, I’m thinking that Jay Briscoe is heading for a heel turn here relatively soon, and I also think it’s a pretty good idea to do it. The Briscoes could use a bit of freshening up. Jay White has been handled really well by ROH so far, but he’s not connecting to the crowd, so giving him more big matches is a good idea (although their first match was dreadfully boring, but they can improve on that). I also think that we should watch the following great ads!

We’re back at the announcer’s desk with Ian and Dalton, as they confirm that it will be Dalton Castle and the Boys against the Kingdom for the 6-man belts at the 15th Anniversary show! Dalton may be going for the ROH World title down the line, but his Boys want those belts, and Dalton is going to do what he can to make that happen! Dalton works himself into a frenzy, but calms down before calling the Kingdom ‘fart-eaters’ and saying that they’ll regret the day that they put their hands on Dalton Castle’s Boys!

And now, we’ve got our second match in the 2017 Top Prospect tournament! Brutal Bob Evans joins us on commentary again as we’re introduced to Raphael King, who is accompanied by Devin Nicole, who is apparently his real-life fiancee! Let’s hear from Mr. King, who says that he’s going to cement his name as one of the greatest in Ring of Honor history! And his opponent is one “Kingpin” Brian Milonas! Holy balls, that is a big man. Almost 400 pounds big. Brian says that he’s here to dominate the Top Prospect tournament. He is both the irresistible force AND the immovable object, and he’s going to win this tournament!

“Kingpin” Brian Milonas vs Raphael King (w/ Devin Nicole)

King fires a shot to start, and they trade right hands before Milonas clotheslines him into the corner. Kind-of. I’ve got a BAD feeling about this match. Lefts and rights from Brian, cross-corner whip, King goes over the top of a blind charge and tries a right, Brian shrugs it off, kick to the gut by Raphael, and he comes off the ropes with a dropkick. Cross-corner whip is reversed by Brian, and he splashes King in the corner. He sends King to the other corner, follows him in with a back splash, then off the ropes for a crossbody to take King down. Brian goes up (!) and comes off the ropes with a butt splash, but Raphael moved! King off the ropes with a kick, and that gets two. Double-leg by King, but Brian shoves him off and to the apron with his feet. Brian charges, King moves and Milonas gets hung up on the middle rope, King kicks him there and heads back in, so Devin takes a cheap shot with the ref’s back turned. Raphael with a uranage to drop Brian now, 1, 2, no! King can’t believe it, but he gets back up and goes for another one, Brian elbows out and then drops him with a big side slam. And then, in a new candidate for one of the shittiest finishers I’ve seen in wrestling, Milonas comes off the ropes, turns around, and gently falls backwards onto Brian. Ian calls it a senton, which it most certainly was NOT. Regardless, Milonas is FAT and is able to hold him down for the 1, 2, 3. (Brian Milonas over Raphael King, pinfall, 3:33)

WORTH WATCHING? – This was a very bad wrestling match. NO, skip this one.

Post-match, we see Milonas’ finisher from another angle which makes it look slightly less shitty. Next week, we’ll see War Machine face off against BJ Whitmer and Punishment Martinez in a No-DQ match! But up next, it’s our main event! But truly up next, it’s these great ads!

We’re back as we’ve been joined by Christopher Daniels on commentary as we hear the music of Cody Rhodes! Ton of time left for this one. And he’s followed with the music of the Young Bucks, who are out with the ROH World tag team titles, which they have recently been relieved of, as the Hardyz showed up last Saturday at Manhattan Mayhem and won the belts from the Bucks there. We’ll cover that and more in my BEST DAMN 15th Anniversary Preview, coming this week to finer Blog of Dooms! And Adam Cole makes his way out now, as the Bullet Club takes the ring.

And there’s the music of Bobby Fish! “Reach for the Sky, boy!” Here comes the Briscoes right behind him, and that leaves Jay Lethal to bring up the rear! Ian calls him the ‘Franchise’ of ROH, and that may be true, as I’m pretty sure that he’s going to get a second run with the World title sometime in 2017. Ponder that while we watch these great ads!

We’re back!

The Briscoes, Jay Lethal, & Bobby Fish vs The Bullet Club (Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, & Cody Rhodes)

Lethal and Cody look to start us off, but Rhodes tags out to Matt Jackson before contact. Matt offers him a Too Sweet and Lethal looks like he’s considering it, but he decides turn around and slug Cody off the apron to the floor. Matt attacks from behind after that, Irish whip but Lethal ducks the clothesline and flies out through the middle rope with a tope on Cody! Team ROH rushes the ring and all 8 guys slug it out, as Matt Jackson does a dropkick through the ropes, Mark Briscoe hits him with a dropkick as Matt tries to skin the cat, now Nick sends Mark to the floor and leaps to the apron, down the line kick to Mark. Shoulder to a charging Jay Briscoe, Nick tries to leap in with a facebuster but gets caught with an uppercut from Jay. Briscoe runs the ropes and hits a cactus clothesline to take them all to the floor. Cody and Lethal take it back into the ring and slug it out, Cody off the ropes and he hits the drop-down punch, Lethal counters with an armdrag and a cartwheel dropkick to send Cody to the floor. Tag to Mark, but Matt yanks him off the apron right after and sends him to the barricade. Now we’ve got Cole and Fish in the ring, as Adam has Bobby over his shoulders, Fish throws elbows to escape, back kick by Bobby, roundhouse back kick by Bobby, he charges Cole in the corner but runs into a knee, bicycle kick by Cole! “Adam Cole, bay-bay!” Fish hits Cole with a flying knee coming off the ropes and that’s enough to send Cole back out. At that point, the Briscoes and the Bucks slide back in and go nose to nose, slugfest is won by the Briscoes, Mark and Jay come off the ropes, the Bucks try superkicks, the Briscoes catch the legs and go for clotheslines, the Bucks duck that, double superkick to the Briscoes! Fish makes a go of it but eats the gutbuster into the neckbreaker/backbreaker combo from the Bucks, and now it’s Lethal’s turn. He and the Bucks do a few sequences off the ropes as Jay does a backflip over to avoid a double hiptoss, but he gets wiped out with a double superkick from the Bucks. Rise of the Terminator time, the Bucks run the ropes, stereo tope con hilos take out everyone on the floor! Jay Briscoe comes out with one of his own, before Mark hits a Blockbuster to Cole on the floor. Mark goes up, but Cody catches him on the top rope and superplexes him on top of everyone on the floor! And this match will continue after these great ads!

We’re back with Cody stomping away on Mark in the Bullet Club corner. He tags in Nick, who tags in Matt and the Bucks double-team now. Double kick to the chest of Mark, pop-up ‘rana by the Bucks! More stompin’ from Matt to send Mark to the floor, where Nick flies off with a double axehandle onto him. Back in now, Matt works a facelock on Mark in the ring. Mark reaches for the tag, but Matt shoves him back to the Bullet Club corner and tags in Cody, Mark tries to fight out but that goes nowhere and Cody slams him, then tags in Cole and suplexes Adam on top of Mark. Cole slaps Mark around a bit, and Mark fires to Cole’s midsection as a result to try to create some space, Cole cuts that off with a kneelift. Kick to a charging Mark’s knee and Adam goes up, but Mark recovers and catches Adam on top, overhand slam sends Cole to the mat! It’s hot tag Jay Lethal, and he’s in and unloading on Cole with clotheslines and chops. Irish whip and Cole gets a kick to the head, but Lethal dumps a charging Cole to the floor and goes up, dropkick sends Cole off the apron and to the floor again. The Bullet Club side runs in to take out the faces on the apron and now try a 3v1 against Lethal, Lethal ducks a clothesline and hits a bicycle kick on Cody, then yanks down the top rope to send a charging Nick flying to the floor. Tope by Lethal to Nick Jackson! Tope to Matt Jackson! Tope to Cody Rhodes…..no, he moved! Lethal took out Fish instead! Superkick by Lethal to Rhodes! Lethal back in the ring, Lethal Combination to Cole! And now Fish is back in and he’s kind-of pissed off that Lethal hit him with that tope; remember, these two will face off at the 15th in a #1 contender’s match! Mark Briscoe tries to reason with each other, but Fish and Lethal choose to ignore that and slug it out anyway, fighting all the way to the back; man, babyfaces are STUPID. Let’s see if they can pull it together while watching these great ads!

We’re back and indeed, Lethal and Fish did NOT pull it together, so now it’s 4 on 2 with the Bullet Club against the Briscoes. Jay is making a go of it here, firing jabs at the entire Club in the ring, they come off the ropes, the Bullet Club goes for a 4-way superkick, but the Briscoes hook the top rope to stop themselves, then wipe out all 4 guys with double clotheslines. They clear the ring of everyone but Matt and hit the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo! 1, 2, NO! Doomsday Device attempt is broken up by Nick Jackson, they dispose of him and hits the move, but Matt lands on his feet! Superkick for Jay! Superkick for Mark! Beautiful Disaster kick by Cody hits Jay! Superkick by Cole hits Jay! CrossRhodes by Cody…..nah, he sent him into a triple superkick from Cole and the Bucks and THEN hits the CrossRhodes! Cole hoists up Mark, and the Bucks hit a double superkick Mark as he’s upside-down before Cole hits the Last Shot. The Bucks want the Meltzer Driver, and indeed that is what happens to Mark Briscoe as we’re done here. (The Bullet Club over Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish, & The Briscoes, pinfall, 12:22)

WORTH WATCHING? – It’s a mess, but a glorious one, as there’s no resting and a ton of cool spots. It’s not much as an actual wrestling match, but I don’t think that anyone who signed up for this main event expected that, to say the very least. I’ll go with a YES on this one, as it more than delivered the type of trainwreck you expect from an 8-man tag with these guys, and I was reasonably entertained throughout. The Bullet Club winning was the right move here, as them having momentum heading into the PPV is absolutely the right call.

Post-match, things get interesting.

Everyone leaves the ring except Cole, and Daniels comes in behind him. Chris whispers some sweet nothings in Cole’s ear, and they have a slugfest in the middle of the ring, won by Daniels after an Angel’s Wings. And now Chris goes over to the corner, what’s in the bag there…..oh, my word – he’s got some shears! Daniels is gonna cut the hair off Adam Cole! Cole tries to fight back, but a second Angel’s Wings puts him back down, and now Frankie Kazarian hits the ring to help out and hold Cole in place. Daniels goes to get the shears while Frankie removes his jacket…..and reveals a Bullet Club shirt underneath. Oh, boy. Chris thinks he’s joking, but Kaz slaps the shears out of Daniels’ hand, and Daniels confronts Kaz in the corner. The rest of the Club is back out now, and as Daniels turns around, he gets wiped out with a double superkick from the Bucks! Our last image on ROH TV this week is of the Bullet Club, with Frankie Kazarian as the newest member, standing over the broken carcass of Christopher Daniels as Adam Cole promises that he will ‘kill the career of Christopher Daniels!’

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Well, that was certainly something that happened. Now, this turn could go a few different ways – one, that Kaz really is joining NWO 2017, as he and Chris had been teasing dissension, or that he and Daniels are playing mindgames with Cole and the like, and Kaz will turn back at the 15th. I can live with the second, not a big fan of the first. This week’s episode was kind of a weaker go-home show, to be honest. The main was decent, but there wasn’t much beyond that, and mostly the attitude towards the PPV seemed to be “Oh yeah, we’ve got one of those this week, right.”

But that won’t be my attitude, as you’ll get the BEST DAMN ROH 15th Anniversary PPV preview on the Blog of Doom tomorrow! And it will get you excited, damnit! See you all then!

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
@MrSoze on Twitter