Flair at SummerSlam 92

I’m sure this was answered before, but why no match for Ric in Wembley. The guy was WWF champ at Mania and deeply involved in the title picture. Why not showcase him early, even in a squash, before his interference in Savage/Warrior?
While I’m at it, it seems Vince had all faith (or had little to begin with) in Flair, so why shift the belt back to him and not just let hart beat savage?

The feeling was that Flair wasn’t a name in Europe, so they just didn’t book him for the show. Vince gonna Vince.

And the shift to Bret was very last minute. Flair was thought to be injured and needing to get off the road, so they moved it to Bret as an emergency measure. And then Flair was like Nah, jk.