Announcer talk

hey Scott, couple of things:

1) been reading and seeing a lot on Tony Schiavone making a return to wrestling circles…any chance he pops up in wwe or maybe a hof induction in the next few years?

2) when did Michael Cole become tolerable at play by play? as recently as a few years ago i muted the tv but now he’s actually ok at the pbp job

3) Corey Graves is the absolute future of color in wwe (probably the best thing besides Ranallo) who’s the future of pbp?

As always, thank you, sir.

​1. I think the whole "That’ll put butts in seats" deal pretty much made him persona non grata with Vince (whether or not it was his call) but that’s just speculation on my part. Either way, I don’t see him suddenly being in the good graces of WWE again.

2. He’s very OK when he doesn’t have someone screaming in his headset. There’s many examples of Michael Cole being a totally tolerable and even good announcer on the Network-exclusive stuff where Vince isn’t paying attention.

3. They really really want Tom Philips to be a thing. But regardless, they’re never push an outsider and it’s always going to be some pretty boy who they designate as their new "face of WWE", because it matters so much what your announcers look like and all, ya know. ​