Unnecessary Teases?

It appears with Samoa Joe’s main roster arrival, they (at least so far) seem to be having him using the Choke and STJoe as his finishes, and not the Muscle Buster. This isn’t a new procedure, as many times in the past the WWE picks one thing they like/prefer over another.

At Fastlane though, they did a very brief tease of him going for the Buster versus Sami. This reminded me of the situation with Hideo Itami, where for a long while he would tease the GTS to pop the crowd even though he wouldn’t be doing it.

Are you in favor (if they truly are "banning" it) of keeping these teases/references to moves like this, potentially keeping it fresh in minds of fans as a "maybe"? Or would you just eliminate any nod to moves like this, in they have no intention of letting them get done and why waste the time?

I personally love the psychology of trying for a move & adding to its aura, especially if the move will be treated like a real Finisher (guaranteed match ender), but I can see the other side too… Thoughts?

​They kind of did that with the Styles Clash as well, although once he finally debuted it, he still didn’t beat guys with it, so it’s kind of like "What’s the point?" It makes for a cool near-fall because Styles is awesome, of course, but I think overall teasing stuff without an endgame is just a waste of time.​