Worst time to be a fan?

Scott – is this a low point for a WWE fan? Things are not only stale, but it seems like they have completely lost the ability to make a star. The baby faces all look like idiots, there are few effective heels, and when the main roster gets a star from NXT like Bayley they completely miss the point of the character.


Any time that allows you to subscribe to the WWE Network and watch whatever you want, whenever you want, is nowhere near the worst time to be a fan. Try being a fan in 1993-95 when it looked like the entire industry was going to collapse into warlord indy promoters with no TV and then complain to me about the product being stale. These days you have a multitude of variations on the WWE product to watch (RAW, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live) or you can subscribe to NJPW World or watch Lucha Underground on Netflix starting next week or subscribe to FloSlam and watch all those indy promotions. Or even, god forbid, TNA.