Steiner bullies

Hey Scott, the observer story of the Steiners bullying Ilzuka reminded me of my RF best of Benoit video where the Steiners just brutalized Benoit and Liger including Rick hitting the nastiest German I ever saw on Benoit. Was this just a case where they could actually back it up so no one ever said anything? Because as fun as they were, they were cringeworthy to watch, especially knowing what we know now with concussions

Well Benoit was nuts in his own special way and would basically demand that you lay into him, so it makes sense they’d drop him on his head. But yeah, for everyone else it was pretty much a case of the guys being worried about retaliation, so they’d just take it from the Steiners. But then you had teams like the Faces of Fear who would give it right back, so it kind of balanced out, I guess.

Rick was the WORST late in his career, though. At least Scott mellowed out because he was a top guy and couldn’t back it up any longer, but Rick would barely cooperate during the dying days of WCW and would just gobble up the poor kids he had to work with.