Vince’s Brainstorming

"So we have a fifty-year-old legend who still pops crowds and draws money for his appearances, but unlike Flair or Hogan back in the day, he’s so broken down he can barely take a bump and can’t go longer than five minutes. Let’s put our World Title on him! I’m a genius. Pass the cocaine."

Seriously, how is the same Vince McMahon the one overseeing Raw’s booking and SmackDown’s booking when their commitment to the current generation and to getting viewers to stick around is like night and day?

​By the same token, however, Vince is pretty much hands-off with NXT, and the weekly TV show there has pretty much turned to complete garbage compared to the Dusty Rhodes/Ryan Ward version that was so awesome. So it’s not always just Vince ruining things. Plus the Goldberg push was mostly to appease the 2K17 execs, and then he popped one rating and suddenly Vince thought he was the second coming of, well, Goldberg again. Of course since then subscriptions to the Network actually went DOWN and ratings sure as hell ain’t popping any longer, but we’re still full steam ahead with this WM main event anyway.

On the bright side, you’d have to think that there’s no earthly way this year’s show can possibly be worse than last year’s. ​