The Honor Roll: ROH’s Top Ten Non-Wrestlers Poll Results

To celebrate Ring of Honor’s 15th anniversary, Place to Be Nation and Voices of Wrestling teamed up to present The Honor Roll: ROH’s 50 Greatest Wrestlers Ever and an offshoot poll ROH’s 10 Greatest Non-Wrestlers. We started the nomination process back in June, 2016, with discussion carrying through into the open voting period of this past February. We received 111 ballots for the ROH’s 50 Greatest Ever poll, and 42 ballots for the Non-Wrestler poll.

There were no set criteria for the Non-Wrestler balloting; our nomination list included managers, referees, announcers and more, with 37 different non-wrestler performers receiving votes. As part of the polling we asked voters to share when they started following the product. Here are the results for the Non-Wrestler poll:

Early years (2002-2003) – 17
Golden years (2004-2008) – 14
HDNet era (2009-2010) – 6
SBG era (2011-present) – 5

The scoring here was straight forward and the same as the Voices of Wrestling Match of the Year poll, and what Major League Baseball uses for its MVP vote. The only weighted score here was for first place – with 14 points going to each 1st place vote. The rest of the scoring was 9 points for a 2nd place vote, 8 for 3rd place, etc down to 1 point for a 10th place vote. In the results you’ll see the total number of points, plus the number of ballots the performer appeared on.