Sid and Timing

One of my favorite sayings is that time is everything.

As far as timing, is there any wrestler who has worst timing than Sid?

Jumps to WWF to become a big star. With Hogan leaving and Savage taking a breather, he could have done well for himself. Then he gets suspended and that’s the end of his run.

He jumps back to WCW. Supposedly he’s primed to win the belt from Vader at Starrcade 1993 and then he decides to get into a scissors fight with Arn Anderson. He gets fired and Flair gets the spot.

He jumps back to WWF. He gets two short runs as World Champion. When business is about to explode through the Attitude Era, he’s already gone.

He eventually becomes WCW Champion and then breaks his leg on Pay Per View at Sin.

Anyone else miss as many opportunities as Sid?

H​e threw away a LOT of prime opportunities out of stupidity or misguided notions of his own worth, for sure. That being said, the longer he stayed in a place, the more he was exposed, so in some ways it was to his benefit that he flaked out and left as often as he did. Someone was always going to freak out and call him at some point when business dropped and they need a Sid on top.​