Sid Has Softballs

Hey, Scott:

Continue to love the Observer recaps. Since we’re there, can you possibly provide any context to the oft-told tales of Sid and his flings with softball?

Reading the recaps, it would seem that Sid willingly took extended sabbaticals from the ring for softball. Was this some kind of semi-pro or barnstorming/for profit deal, or was Sid leaving a paying job for an unpaid rec-league level thing?

If it was the latter, how on earth did he earn a living while not working? Were his payouts when he DID work that lucrative? Thanks!

​Yeah, it was semi-pro from what I understand, and he was a pretty talented guy who could obviously hit for power. Mostly it was just his biggest passion and he loved doing it, unlike wrestling which was the thing that he could make money at. Everyone’s got their thing, ya know?​