Reigns vs Taker and redoing the ending of mania 17

I know you might not be much for rehashing old angles, but redoing Austin/Rock with Reigns/Taker in their place with Trips playing McMahon would work, yes?

Reigns killing Taker with chair shots handed to him by the game to win their match would make him the biggest heel in the business. The next night he tells the fans to stick it and that this group (owens and Joe) is the new empire or something like that.

Then for the next year you build up the next top face the way you are supposed to. No 50/50 booking. Just someone running through guys. Even start them off with the US title. Kind of how things used to be done.

Cass, Zayn? Someone.

​Or, and let me throw out an alternative for you here, Reigns beats Undertaker clean in the middle with his move, 1-2-3. Undertaker declares that he’s now retired and shakes Roman’s hand for being more man than he is. Next night on RAW, Stephanie shrieks at him for ruining her show, fires Mick Foley for letting it happen, and Roman meekly smirks at her because deep down he’s know she’s the boss and the most dominant female in WWE History(TM). HHH comes out to avenge his wife, pedigrees Roman, and it’s never spoken about again. Roman wins another World title at the May PPV when Seth Rollins injures a main eventer and himself at the same time. Vince counts the money.​

Whaddya think?