Missing the old timers


With all of these shoot videos and the business being some what transparent. In your opinion who would have some of the greatest stories to tell if they were still alive.
Guys like Skaaland, Grand Wizard and Ernie Ladd come to mind. And of course Andre.
But I think Gorilla Monsoon and Freddie Blassie would have been classic shoot videos if they ever were excommunicated by Vince. Thoughts?

And speaking of old timers, any reason why Pedro Morales is never really brought up by WWE? Is he on bad terms?

Thanks as always. Love the observer rants.

​Blassie would have been great, although the thing with most of that generation is that they’re still clinging to kayfabe and doing the whole carney thing years later.

Not sure what the deal with Pedro Morales is, exactly. Wasn’t he part of the Spanish commentary team for a while? I’ve never heard of him being on bad terms with anyone, unless you count all the times his LATIN TEMPER got fired up in MSG and he was beating on a heel challenger of the week.​