Sid Justice

In his relatively brief tenure, Sid Justice managed to wrestle at least one singles or tag match against most of the company’s biggest stars, but was never booked to take a single pinfall. His last two matches, both against Warrior, seem to suggest that his push was intended to continue in a big way.

WWF @ Baltimore, MD – Arena – April 25, 1992 (3,100) (matinee)

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Sid Justice (w/ Harvey Wippleman) via reverse decision at 4:04; Sid got the pinfall after hitting Warrior with Wippleman’s medical bag but referee Danny Davis came out to reverse the decision; after the decision was reversed, Sid hit the powerbomb on Warrior but Warrior was able to recover and chase Sid back to the locker room

WWF @ Boston, MA – Boston Garden – April 26, 1992

The Ultimate Warrior defeated Sid Justice via disqualification at the 4-minute mark (Sid’s final appearance for nearly 3 years; he stormed out of the arena following the match and was suspended)

What was the plan for Sid when he was caught cheating on the steroid test? Title match with Savage at SummerSlam 1992?

​Good god, what a trainwreck that would be. I think they were intending to keep him strong for a Hogan rematch because no one believed Hulk was really gone. It didn’t do great numbers at Wrestlemania, to say the least, but Sid was still the biggest name they had left for Hogan to face at Summerslam unless they finally pulled the trigger on the Flair match. ​