Hulk and Superstar

Hey Scott,

Just wondering. Was there any thought to having Hulk take on any of the former champs. I can understand why Bruno would be against it but what about Bill Graham, That match seems like it would be tailor made to draw crazy money.

Could it have worked logistically? Would it have worked box office wise?

‚ÄčThere was definitely a push for Hogan v. Backlund in 84, but they wanted Bob to turn heel and dye his hair black. Billy Graham was off being a karate master for most of Hogan’s run and wasn’t in a good place with Vince, and by the time he came back in 87 there was thoughts about it, as I recall, but he was so broken down that it was quickly forgotten. The thing is too, Graham’s descent from "in his prime" to "ridiculous old man" was FAST. Once he did that gimmick makeover around 1983 and started wrestling in pajamas with a shaved head, there was no coming back to the main event from that.‚Äč