Rikishi and BuzzFeed’s Try Guys challenge Big Time Rush and DK4L to WWE-Style Match


This Thursday on Squad Wars, Buzzfeed’s The Try Guys challenge pranking couple DK4L (De’arra Taylor & Ken Walker) and members of Big Time Rush (Kendall Schmidt & Dustin Belt) to run the ropes and throw down in an ultimate WWE-style professional wrestling match. In the end, Pro Wrestler Rikishi will decide which squad will be the stunner while who will be hung up to dry on the clothesline.

***SQUAD WARS, New Episode Premiering Thursday, March 2 at 9AM PST***

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE 3/2: https://www.youtube.com/watchEp

​I get the most random press releases sometimes. Anyway, this does not sound like something I would be the least bit interested in ever watching, but I’m happy to pass it along. I find the Buzzfeed people are typically wedged about as far up their own asses as WWE are, so I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more synergy between them. ​