Omega’s one winged angel

The angle where Kenny Omega NEVER. hit Okada with his finisher but it took 4 Rainmakers to beat him, that’s gotta be the best non-use of a finish ever. Like when they inevitably rematch for the title, and Kenny hits it ONCE it’s a definite pin right? Is there any move left in WWE like that? Cena needed 4 AA’s to beat AJ and kicked out of 2 Styles Clashes. What’s the best unstoppable finisher left in American wrestling? The Jackhammer???

​For the moment, yes, the Jackhammer is still unstoppable. Undertaker’s tombstone is on the cusp, but people have been kicking out with more regularity in recent years so that’s a tough one to give it. Randy Orton’s punt, if and when he’s ever allowed to do it again, is the nuclear option, but it’s rare that anyone below the level of Cena kicks out of an RKO, so that one’s up there too. But yeah, if Orton punts a guy, it’s match over and the victim is on the shelf as a result, so that’s my pick.​