TV Matches

Hi Scott,

Obviously TV has over exposed everyone on the Roster since the advent of Smackdown in 1999 but do you think there’s any merit to stopping the top stars from working a match every RAW or Smackdown? I mean surely people are more likely to hyped for a PPV (especially those more reputable workers e.g. Styles) if they haven’t seen him wrestle ever Tuesday for 4 weeks? They’d still all work house shows but we wouldn’t be so bored of Miz/Ambrose part 26 at the PPV if they haven’t traded wins on Smackdown every week….

​There’s absolutely merit. You know how Braun Strowman spent months squashing geeks and not interacting with the big stars until recently and is now becoming a big star? Not coincidental.

They should really look into duplicating the 1996 experiment where they created "name" jobbers like Freddie Joe Floyd and The Goon, guys that have a character and win one or two squashes and then get beaten like a drum on TV from then on so that real stars don’t have to lose. ​