The Academy Award Winning Sunday Night Thread!

Tonight is the Oscars, and you could probably just on La-La Land winning all 14 awards like Roman Reigns sweeping the Slammies and be done with it.  Hidden Figures is really the only of the major movies I’ve seen and it was fantastic, albeit using the earth-shattering theme of “things were really bad for black people in the south 50 years ago.”  Still, hey, Kevin Costner as the crusty yet open-minded leader and Jim Parsons as a super-smart nerd and COTTONMOUTH!  I was ready to yell “DON’T TRUST HIM, HE’S COTTONMOUTH!” but that would be considered impolite and possibly racist.  The main actresses were all delightful in equal measures.  And math is just awesome, but then that’s what I studied in university so I’m biased.

Also, Lucha Underground officially got a Netflix release date for season 1 & 2:  March 15!  And yes, I will review the SHIT out of it, perhaps alternating days with Observer recaps, not sure.  But an hour per day?  No problem.  Bring it on.

I should also have a column on the Sporting News going live tomorrow morning about Five Injuries That Changed Wrestling Forever because they wanted something less current events and more “evergreen” (my slideshow article about the worst Rumble matches still does really well, for example) and I’m always happy to oblige people who pay me.

Get your Sunday night talk on and maybe watch Apollo 13 or Twister in honor of Bill Paxton tonight.