Some random 1996 WWF stuff

Working my way through some 1996 WWF.

1. So at the end of the Iron Man match at WM12 Bret walks off pouting after Shawn wins. Was this simply kaybabe in that Bret was frustrated by the loss after the match having to continue after essentially being a 60 minute draw? Was it a shoot reaction due to the heat between he and Shawn (had it really even started yet by that point)? Or was it the seeds being sowed for Bret’s heel turn when he came back (obviously delayed by a few months due to the Austin program first)?

2. So in 1993 when WCW lost how many millions of dollars its workers included Big Van Vader, Davey Boy Smith, Sid Vicious, Stunning Steve Austin, Brian Pillman, Dustin Rhodes, Cactus Jack, Ron Simmons, Johnny B Badd, and the cerebral assassin Terra Ryzing. All these guys were pushed at some point by WWF in 1996. Any coincidence why WWF sucked so bad in 1996?

​1. That was just Bret working himself into a shoot, I think. The bad blood hadn’t started between them yet, but Shawn won the title and then famously told Hebner to "get him the fuck out of my ring" so he could celebrate, leaving Bret without the chance to get some heat back after the loss.

2. Among the many problems WCW had in 1993, the quality of worker was very, very far down the list. Ditto for the WWF in 1996.