Fan injuries

Hey Scott.

Just curious, are you aware of any fans getting injured at a major wrestling show? I thought about it when the shark cage got shoved of the stage on RAW recently, and also when Charlotte kicked Sasha’s crutch away (and it went FLYING). With all the chairs and ladders that get thrown around on the outside of the ring, it seems like there must be instances of fans getting hit, right?

And what about ECW? Did Sabu landing on fans ever hurt anyone?


​I’m not specifically aware of any incidents that came to light, but normally if something DOES happen then the person is immediately whisked to the back and signs a waiver in exchange for a metric shit-ton of WWE merchandise. ​However, that being said, there’s standard legal language on tickets and such that basically says "Shit happens, not the fault of the arena, so there" so really unless a wrestler specifically punches out a fan themselves, legally there’s not much you can do.

Also, Sabu probably tried to hit fans and blew the spot.