1991 – 1993


I can definitely tell you why I started to tune out the biz between 1991 and 1993:

I was in 8th grade in 1991 and Michael Jordan and his Bulls team was on their way to their 1st title. I was becoming a NBA fan around the same time I was a wrestling fan in 1988. Growing up in GA, I was able to watch all the major brands (WWF/NWA (Crockett)/World Class/AWA/Memphis) thanks to this newfound thing called cable tv. I watched Wrestlemania 3 on VHS tape and I was consuming the biz like a fat kid consumes a whole pack of twinkies.

Of course I was a Hulkamaniac but then the Hulkster LOST to Andre the Giant at the Main Event on National TV and I was like what the hell???!!!??? Come WM4, I thought Hulk Hogan was gonna regain the title – but Randy Savage WON THE TOURNAMENT???!!!???
Around the same time, this guy named Sting was on Channel 13 wrestling Ric Flair on World Wide Wrestling and battled him to a draw. Then the 1st Clash of Champions happened the same day as WM4 and Flair and Sting wrestled to a DRAW AGAIN????!!!??? What the EFF!!!???!!!
By 1990, Sting won the NWA title after the Ultimate Warrior won the WWF title and both guys looked like they were going to dominate the 90’s. My point – I thought that with the Warrior and Sting being the top guys of both companies, I thought they would be the two who would shape the industry for the next decade. We all know that that didn’t happen and by 1991, both guys lost their titles.
Backtracking just a bit – in 1988, I watched the NBA Finals as an 11 year old. I liked Magic Johnson and his Lakers b/c they were the team that everyone loved. But for me, Magic was old. He had already won 5 titles and he was already being considered one of the greatest to ever play the game of professional basketball.
Well, along came Michael Jordan. Mike’s athleticism immediately set him apart from everyone in the NBA. He was being marketed and considered the NEXT BIG THING in North American sports.
…and he lived up to the hype and then some…
My point: there were numerous reasons for the wrestling business to have its downturn in the early 90s. But one factor that no one seems to mention is the fact that some fans found other outlets to engulf themselves in. My other outlet was basketball and the NBAs biggest star just happened to be a skinny kid from North Carolina by the name of Michael Jordan.
…and he had 6 championships of his own…


Joe Montana was winning Super Bowl titles during the height of Hulkamania and it didn’t slow Hogan down any.  Wrestling stopped being hot because it wasn’t hot anymore, end of story.  As a wise man once said, when you’re hot, you’re not, and when you’re not, you’re not.