Two Diverse points

Know you’re on vacation but

1. I’m bummed there was no portal sequence on Flash this time. Then again, Flash is fighting a telepathic albino gorilla in a giant arena as I’m typing this so I might be ungrateful.

2. How weird are these retro observers from 2000 that Dave’s putting up? Beyond the obvious WCW implosion, there’s all these guys – Scott Vick, Ron Reis – that WWF was looking to sign but didnt, presumably because they added the Radicals.

Gods I missed evil Wells. Even if it’s Grodd.

​Cheap effects budget for this week aside, Tom Cavanaugh playing Harry Wells as possessed by Grodd was ACES. I’m continually blown away that JD’s goofy brother from Scrubs could be such a fantastic actor when given material to work with. Also, Julian was pretty funny this episode, even if he’s clearly dead meat any day now. "You’re going to the planet of the apes!" was killer. And of COURSE Grodd played Barry like a sucker because even the normal, non-telepathic gorilla is smarter than Barry, so he had no chance.

The only really weak part of the episode for me was the stuff with Kid Flash, as the writers appear to be trying to channel the show-off stuff from the "classic" Wally West and stapling it onto a character who doesn’t really fit that attitude. But hey, I’ve got Titans to read for the real Wally, at least.

Haven’t had a chance to watch Supergirl yet, but if she’s not battling telepathic gorillas, Flash is the clear winner of the week. I’m sure it’ll be back to "Woe is me, we have alter the timeline to save Iris and fix everything by running faster somehow" by next week, of course.