Reigns vs Taker

Hi Scott,

Just got thinking how they get to Reigns vs Taker at Mania. Could it be that they have Taker cost Reigns against Strowman (thus protecting Strowman) as revenge for the Rumble elimination? If so, why would he have waited so long? Would WWE think that Taker is a heel as a result or would they play it face vs face?

Lastly, is revenge for his Rumble elimination a weak reason seeing that he’s waited this long to act on it?

Lastly lastly, if Reigns were to lose in this manner, would that mean he’s beating Taker at Mania?

​I’m pretty sure he’s beating Taker regardless of how the match with Strowman goes because this is pretty much Vince’s last Hail Mary attempt to coronate Roman as the top guy. But yeah, I’d say it’s a safe bet that Undertaker screws Roman over at Fastlane and goes on to lose at WM. It might be weak but it’s as good as anything else (tentatively) booked for the show thus far.