Perfect and his Insurance policy

So Perfect is clearly crippled at SS 91 but puts Bret over and is gone for 18 months. Returns full time at Sue.Ser. 92, does the Flair feud, Luger, puts on classic with Bret at KOTR, swing and miss with Shawn at SS 93 and then that’s it as an active wrestler until WCW in 97. When does he get the insurance policy? Was he re-injured between SummerSlam and Survivor Series 93 so bad he thought he’d never wrestle again? And if the policy was PERFECT then why ever return to full time competition? Sadly, he might still be alive.

No way, dude, steroids enlarge your heart over a period of years and then doing coke speeds up the heart rate until it basically explodes. Being retired or not wouldn’t change that.

Anyway, I believe the policy kicked in after Summerslam 91 if I’m remembering that issue of the Observer correctly, and he was basically being main event money by Lloyd’s of London while he was out, which meant that Vince had to pay him a crazy amount of money to get him back into the ring again. And he was desperate enough to do exactly that at Survivor Series! And then by Summerslam 93 he was injured again and started collecting the policy again, presumably waiting for either side to be desperate enough to pay him enough to justify breaking the policy.