A Couple of questions that aren’t related

Hey Scott-
There are a ton of questions about who might never be back in the WWE’s good graces. (Jarrett, Demolition, Big Poppa Pump) but after reading the observer. The fact that Superstar Billy Graham was welcomed back, inducted, and a DVD no less really should mean that never say never correct? He burned all bridges and pissed on them and was still brought back.
He basically snaked a free surgery and not only left but really could have hurt them permanently.

​Wrestling is a weird and unpredictable business filled with weird and unpredictable relationships, man. ​

I know this might be a USA thing. But Bill Simmons was fired from ESPN in a very ugly and public way. Do you think that WWE pairing up with his can effect there relationship with ESPN.

​No idea. I only vaguely know who Simmons is.​

Lastly, in kind of a throw away line. You insinuated that WWE is paying ESPN for the relationship.
Do you really think that is the case. ESPN is owned by Disney. Do you really think that they would add a "fake" sport just for a couple of bucks?

​Yup. And it’s probably significantly more than "a couple of bucks" as well. And I don’t think there’s any insinuation needed, Meltzer said it was basically a paid sponsorship that they have with ESPN. They might be owned by Disney but they’re hurting right now, as I understand it. ​