WWF Wrestling Challenge – August 27th, 1989

August 27, 1989

From the Fresno Convention Center in Fresno, CA

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the Hart Foundation, Mr. Perfect, Tito Santana, and the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers


Hart Foundation vs. Tom Stone & Jake Milliman

Bret goes down after Stone did not get all the way down during a leapfrog and clutches his knee on the mat. Neidhart knocks Stone down from behind then Bret gets up and hammers away. The Hart Foundation are shown in an insert promo as Neidhart is ranting like a complete lunatic about the Brainbusters then Neidhart bites Milliman. The Hart Foundation stay in control until putting away Milliman with the Hart Attack (3:04).

Thoughts: Last minute hype for the Brainbusters vs. Hart Foundation match at SummerSlam.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. Replay of Rick Rude and Roddy Piper on the 8/21 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling” as they had to be held apart from each other after yelling at each other.


Mr. Perfect vs. Dale Wolfe

Perfect takes Wolfe down with ease then beats him in the corner. Perfect is shown in an insert promo telling Red Rooster nobody beats Mr. Perfect as he stays in control of the match. The announcers remind us to call up the cable company and order SummerSlam as Wolfe fights back. Perfect knocks Wolfe down and connects with a running dropkick then heads up top with a missile dropkick before hitting the Perfect Plex for the win (3:16).

Thoughts: Perfect looked great here as he looks strong heading into SummerSlam against the Red Rooster


Tito Santana vs. Jim Gorman

Tito takes control and works a side headlock as the Rockers are shown in an insert promo putting over Tito as a partner. Tito slingshots Gorman back inside then puts him away with a flying forearm (2:26).

Thoughts: Another match to put over a SummerSlam match, this time the Tito & Rockers vs. Rougeaus & Martel match.


Mooney is in the Event Center to hype the 9/2 Nashville Auditorium show. We hear from Ultimate Warrior as he runs down Andre the Giant while the Brainbusters tell Demolition they are the smartest team and born to be champions.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Ricky Ataki

DiBiase offers Ataki money to leave then tries for a sneak attack but Ataki slaps him across the face. DiBiase then beats the crap out of Ataki and hits a clothesline as we hear from Jimmy Snuka in an insert promo as he tells DiBiase to watch out at SummerSlam. DiBiase hits a few fist drops then puts Ataki away with the Million Dollar Dream (2:32). After the match, Virgil takes the money out of Ataki’s singlet and gives it to DiBiase, who sticks it in Ataki’s mouth as he slaps him across the face. Virgil then picks it back up after Ataki spit it out.

Thoughts: This was entertaining as DiBiase destroyed Ataki after getting slapped then Virgil took the money from Ataki’s singlet and picked it back up when it got spit out of his mouth. DiBiase was still awesome in 1989 as he made his matches entertaining while waiting for Jake Roberts to return from injury.


Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake are cutting a promo on Randy Savage & Zeus as they laugh a lot and talk nonsense. Hogan then talks about the prayers and vitamins never letting him down and that Elizabeth called him the “head Hulkamaniac” as he wants Beefcake to keep Savage at bay so he can find out if Zeus can handle him. This ends with them laughing about haircuts. The final bit of insanity from Hogan & Beefcake before SummerSlam.


“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin vs. Boris Zhukov

Garvin gets a good reaction in his first match back since being reinstated . Zhukov attacks Garvin from behind and hammers away in the corner. Garvin fights back and knocks Zhukov down then we hear him tell Greg Valentine in an insert promo he will get a beating. Garvin then hits Zhukov with a backdrop before punching him out for the win (1:13).

Thoughts: Entertaining enough as Garvin’s feud with Valentine continues to heat up.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Randy Savage, Sensational Sherri, and Zeus to the interview platform. Okerlund asks Savage about where Elizabeth will be at SummerSlam as Savage wants Sherri to tell everyone. Sherri tells Elizabeth she will walk into her trap then Zeus tells Hogan he will destroy him. They kept this brief and really at this point they have done everything possible to hype the match at SummerSlam.


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund


The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers w/ Jimmy Hart & Slick & Rick Martel vs. Bob Allen & Mark Ming

The Rougeaus try to trick Ming into doing a kip-up and he fails. Jacques sarcastically claps but Ming knocks him down and delivers some truly pathetic kicks. Ming drops down to avoid a top rope move and looks like a moron as he stares up then gets up and pretends to be unaware of his surroundings as Jacques connects with a missile dropkick. Slick & Jimmy Hart are in an insert promo as Slick promises “heads are gonna roll” as the Rougeaus are now beating on Allen until Jacques hits a knee drop then sits on his chest for the win (3:15).

Thoughts: Another entertaining match. I’ve said it before but the Rougeaus act was ahead of its time and the Slick & Hart promo was quite funny too. Even Ming’s screw-ups were not enough to keep this from being entertaining.


Final Thoughts: Pretty much just an infomercial for SummerSlam, although I found entertainment in some of these matches. With SummerSlam one day after this we will get to see the fallout here next week.


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