Any chance Reigns is still being punished?

Hey Scott,

I know a lot of people on the blog are always up in arms about the endless Reigns push, but if you really take a close look, doesn’t it seem more like he’s being punished?

Since his wellness pop last summer he’s:
— Lost the title clean to Seth Rollins
— Jobbed clean to Dean Ambrose the next month
— His match with Rusev didn’t even happen at Summer Slam
— Wins the U.S. title (but still, a mid-card belt and feud is still a demotion from where he was.)
— Jobs at Survivor Series
— Loses to Kevin Owens at whatever the December PPV was called
— Loses again to Owens at the Royal Rumble
— Enters #30 as a surprise entrant and STILL comes up short.

If this was Daniel Bryan, wouldn’t we be screaming that they were burying him?

​I can think of a LOT of wrestlers who would love to be "punished" with Roman’s paydays and TV time, plus having a headline match at Wrestlemania with Undertaker.